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Stephen Roach Has Long Been A Mouthpiece For The Chinese Communist Party And Enabler

Stephen Roach Is A Long-Term Chinese Communist Party Sympathizer
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I remember very well during my career on Wall Street decades ago the voice of Stephen Roach on the business media pushing America to ‘not worry about China’ and to continue the coupling of the two nations and the economic enablement of the Chinese Communist Party. In short, he has been a dark-robed priest of globalism and an enabler for the rise of the CCP which has just killed tens of thousands of Americans and struck our economy with a near-fatal blow.

Even with the revelations of the behavior of the CCP which allowed millions to leave Wuhan in December and infect the world, while restricting travel within China, he is still at it.

Here is a recent publication…

From an unnecessary trade war to an increasingly desperate coronavirus war, two angry countries are trapped in a blame game with no easy way out. Now more than ever, both sides need to contemplate the economic and geopolitical consequences of a full rupture, writes Roach recently at Project Syndicate.

Can the broken US-China relationship be salvaged? Ironically, COVID-19 offers an outside chance. Both countries’ leaders would need to end the blame game and begin restoring trust. To do so, they would need to come clean on what really happened in the early days of the pandemic – December for China, and January and February for the US.

This is not a time for false pride or nationalistic bluster. True leaders often emerge – or are revealed – at history’s darkest moments. Is it really too late for Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping to comprehend what’s at stake and seize this opportunity?

Sorry Stephen, there is no moral equivalence between the United States and China. They did this. You know it. The only answer for America is to decouple and recover our domestic production ability and our national security.

The CCP is a monster. It slices political prisoners open alive to harvest their organs. It has over a million Chinese citizens in concentration camps. It has destroyed religious groups in China. The CCP is now blackmailing the West with pharmaceuticals and selling defective medical equipment. It has no qualms doing anything it thinks is necessary to remove President Trump from power and gain dominion over America.

You should not listen to Stephen Roach.

Ignore him and the world will be a better place.

Stephen S. Roach, a faculty member at Yale University.

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