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    China's Propaganda Newspaper Hints Taiwan Is Next And Biden Will Do Nothing

    August 17, 2021
    China's Propaganda Newspaper Hints Taiwan Is Next And Biden Will Do Nothing
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    One of China's official mouthpiece newspapers on Monday questioned whether the United States would defend Taiwan in a conflict after the collapse in Afghanistan, illustrating how the messy American exit from Kabul has far-reaching global consequences.

    The series of tweets from the state-affiliated Global Times immediately captured the interest of U.S. intelligence experts, who questioned whether China and other global adversaries might agitate while the Biden administration struggles to oversee a bungled troop withdrawal after the 20-year war in Afghanistan.

    "If war breaks out across the Taiwan Straits, will US keep its promises?," the Global Times tweeted in one such post flagged by U.S. intelligence officials to Just the News. "Some media asked after US hastened pullout from #Afghanistan#US has never promised to send troops if conflicts occur across the Straits, an expert in Taiwan said..."

    To read more visit Just The News.

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    Dawn Larkin

    If the illegal in the WH had even an inkling of Afghanistan falling, why would you pull the troops out? We know that this illegal in the WH knew what was going to happen and didn't give a dang about the situation. I know the illegal in the WH is not running the show, and whoever is wants America to go down! How this illegal in the WH is not impeached is beyond me since he can't even take care of himself. I don't know what's worse, him or the replacement! They both should be impeached, and a new election held because neither has abided by their oaths nor has Pelosi. I could go on and on but I will stop for now.


    Joe Biden is owned by China, Russia, and any other country who is in possession of one of crackhead's laptops. Creepy Joe did prove one thing when, as a senator, he was targeting blacks with anti-drug legislation—crack is whack!

    Regis Hanna

    You can't impeach dog poop unless you have a majority in the House of Representatives. THAT is
    why all focus is on the 2020 Audits of the election results. That's the ONLY way to ensure that a 2022
    election is HONEST and not stolen, like 2020 was.


    Joe Biden will be happy to let the Chinese Communists March into Taipei unapposed as long as the Chinese Communists agree to sell cheap products to American consumers.
    Joe Biden will eliminate tariffs on Chinese goods being sold in the US to reduce inflation so Democrats will be more likely to be re-elected.
    He has already eliminated policies and programs instituted by Trump to reduce Chinese spying through Chinese Communists affiliated persons being employed in American universities and reduced if not eliminated opposition to Chinese obtaining, often through theft or coercion, American intellectual property, the theft of which is worth about six hundred billion dollars per year according to Newt Gingrich’s book, Trump vs China.
    Peter Schweitzer in a radio interview (investigative journalist), said China has already obtained the things it wanted from the US, access to American markets, access to American intellectual property access of Chinese scientists to American technology through American universities, that there was a program to identify Chinese communist party affiliated scientists in American universities during the Trump administration which Biden has cancelled.
    I heard the radio interview today, I think on Hannity’s program.
    Peter Schweizer, who has written several books on corruption in government stated he thought Joe Biden to be compromised with China due to business dealings of the Biden Family with Chinese business interests.
    Peter Schweizer is President of the “ Government Accountability Institute.
    I consistent with what the Chinese have such the Chinese are pretty certain there won’t be an American response to a Chinese takeover of Taiwan.
    After all, General Milley, of the Joint Chiefs of Staff called up his Chinese counterpart and told him he would tell the Chinese ahead of time if the Americans were going to attack China during Trump’s last days in office, and there.’s been no change in policy and Biden said he has full confidence in General Miley, so it verges on certainty that China will be told ahead of time if American forces take any reports, but they sound realistic and
    Joe Biden, when asked, said the American military would defend Taiwan if the Chinese invaded, but White House staff immediately said there wasn’t any change in policy, meaning another mid-statement from Biden, meaning the US isn’t going to defend Taiwan, There are reports of China preparing 140,000 troops and 953 ships for an invasion of Taiwan, recently, today in fact, so I’m expecting a Taiwan invasion soon, weeks or months.
    Truman and Eisenhower blocked China from invading Taiwan, however, Joe Biden is no Harry Truman or Ike Eisenhower.
    I expect China likely to move prior to the mid term elections, or certainly before the next Presidential election in the US, with only token resistance.
    There might be some negotiation for the US to accept some refugees, such as government officials, but I think the Chinese will want to retain engineers and scientists on Taiwan. There may be some kind of blockade if not invasion of Taiwan by China.
    Depending on the economy, and conditions in the US, the US might withdraw American military forces from overseas, a military collapse,


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