• Mass Protest CRACKDOWN After Bank Run In China

    July 3, 2022

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    Protests erupted after people couldn't get their money out of their bank accounts in China. The CCP found a way to prevent some would-be protesters from joining the protest and dealt with the others who did manage to show up. NATO could move to the Pacific to counter China's growing threat. And Xi Jinping makes his first trip in years (spoiler: he doesn't go very far), writes China Uncensored.

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    CDM Staff

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    The Communist Chinese Party are terrorists, ruling that nation with cruelty, human abuses, forced slave labor, and murders yet Joe Biden curls up cozily in their laps while telling the rest of the world otherwise. The people of China (and the US) should get the fact that there are more people than there are of despots and sadists terrorizing the nation(s).

    bb brown

    Yes but his family has made millions off the Chinese so he's never going to say anything.

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