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As CDMedia Reported In April, UK Bars Huawei From 5G Network

As CDMedia Reported In April, UK Bar Huawei From 5G Network
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As CDMedia reported in April, Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom has just banned Huawei products from Britain’s 5G network.

Here is our reporting several months ago…

Boris Johnson To Pull Out Of Huawei 5G Contract Due To CCP Misinformation, US Pressure

After rolling back a decision to allow Huawei-made components to be used in non-critical parts of the UK’s 5G infrastrucutre, the UK government has just announced a landmark decision to block Huawei parts from being used throughout its 5G infrastructure in a major win for the Trump Administration as it bids to exclude Huawei from lucrative western markets, due to national security concerns.

Starting Dec. 31, Huawei will be barred from providing new equipment to British networks. Additionally, Johnson’s National Security Council agreed Tuesday that all existing Huawei equipment must also be stripped from 5G networks by 2027. That’s a slower timeline than some national security-conscious Tories had demanded, wrote Zero Hedge.

The Chicoms will no doubt be angry and will attempt to harm the U.K. economically.

China has warned Johnson will face “consequences” if the U.K. treats it as a “hostile partner.”

It looks like a perfect time for the Trump administration to sign a ‘beautiful’ trade deal with the U.K.

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