Disney Stock Tanks Over Streaming Miss, Deplorables Leave In Droves

May 15, 2021
Shanghai Disney Resort Opening
Image by Theme Park Tourist

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It is no secret the 'Deplorables' of America are angry at 'woke' capital, corporations that are enabling the globalist revolution and in bed with the Chinese Communist Party's agenda for America.

Coming on the heels of a big numbers miss from Netflix, Disney's streaming service reported another big miss last week and the stock tanked.

It seems 'fly over country' values its freedom more than force-fed propaganda from elitist corporations.

The subscription miss comes as the Walt Disney Co. is still dealing with fallout from the revelation that it promoted critical race theory to its employees, encouraging them to strive for “equity,” or the “equality of outcome,” and to reflect on America’s “racist infrastructure," reported Breitbart.

On Thursday, Disney reported subscriptions for its Disney+ streaming service had reached 103.6 million, which reportedly fell below the Wall Street consensus of 110 million subscribers. The subscription miss was surprising since the company had heavily promoted the new series WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

The blowback comes after a recent poll showed that nearly two-thirds of Americans believe companies like Disney have taken political correctness too far. The company has announced changes to its popular theme park rides Splash Mountain and Jungle Cruise after leftist activists complained that they are racist.

This is a trend that will continue, as the populist masses in the United States continue to realize they have economic power and will use it.

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7 comments on “Disney Stock Tanks Over Streaming Miss, Deplorables Leave In Droves”

  1. The most potent weapon we have is our economic power. Even if just one person refuses to buy from these woke corporations, it sends a message. That message is louder and more potent when tens of millions of us send it. Remember one ticket at Disney costs about $100. Multiply that by 10 Million and Disney is suddenly out $1 Billion. That is sending a message.

  2. Netflix is pushing it lGBTQ , women are equal or better than men brainwashing to asian Nations , and they see right through the bullllshiiiit .
    no one should have any cable connection to stream movies or sports , they are all Globalist owned and enemy Traitors ...death to them all .....


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