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    Amazon Is Now Mostly All Made-In-China

    July 4, 2021
    Amazon Is Now Mostly All Made-In-China

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    “Made in China” is a phrase all U.S. consumers are intimately familiar with.

    In past decades, that term referred to a major branded product sold at U.S. stores manufactured by factories located in China. For example, a Matchbox car bought from Toys ‘R Us and made in China by Mattel. Today, U.S. consumers are increasingly purchasing Chinese-branded products from Chinese stores directly over the internet, and both Beijing and the world’s biggest online retailer—Amazon.com—have been facilitating that trend.

    Half of Amazon Sellers Based in China

    On Amazon, 50 percent of all global sellers are based in China, according to data from Marketplace Pulse, a website that provides e-commerce market data. They warehouse their goods and products in the United States, at Amazon’s warehouses, so the items are shipped domestically and qualify for fast “Prime” shipping (also dubbed as the “Fulfillment by Amazon” program)...

    To read more visit The Epoch Times.

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    Jeff Martin

    Just another reason why I never shop at Amazon...


    I've been called pretty much every name in the book for saying the same thing, everything that is made in china that we use in everyday life is going to come back to bite us in one way or another, and maybe even worse at some point in the future. I've been saying this for years. But what do I know


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