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    Biden Doesn't Care About The Destruction Of America Because He Knows America Will No Longer Exist Soon

    July 3, 2021
    Once You Realize The US Government Is Organized Crime Syndicate, Everything Makes Sense
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    I shake my head at people who are continually amazed at Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc, de-platforming people or organizations, or blocking their content. Being outraged over these tactics by the enemy is so five years ago. As we have written many times, if you are still on these communist surveillance platforms, you are just wrong.

    Forgive the cliche, but Americans need to wake up.

    It is time for Americans to see the big picture. In fact, it may already be too late for this 'red pilling' of the nation.

    Joe Biden, or should I say his handlers are destroying America. This is completely obvious. The border is being invaded, our financial system is being eviscerated, our military is being overtaken with communists, we could go on and on and on.

    We can no longer hide from reality.

    Joe Biden knows he is destroying the country. Joe Biden is just a place holder. The regime doesn't care about the future of America because they don't believe America will exist in the near future. Because, they plan to destroy her, and the Deplorables along with it.

    They have a couple years and that will be enough time in their view, no matter what happens politically.

    They are not worried about future elections because there won't be any future elections, not real ones anyway.

    Did you think they would just let their progress in the last nine months slip away?

    Donald Trump did not do what was necessary to stop the destruction of our nation. He probably didn't realize what was happening before it was too late. And, we all know he was surrounded by traitors.

    Something is coming. We don't know what. I think the electric grid is probably the first wave, then our healthcare, food supply, water purification. Let's reimagine, shall we?

    It's time to join with like-minded patriots

    It's 1776 all over again.

    America will be free again in the future. But, there is a long, painful row to hoe to get there, unfortunately.

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    L Todd Wood

    L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is "Currency." Todd has been a national security columnist for The Washington Times and contributed to One American News, Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, Novaya Vremya (Ukraine), the New York Post, National Review, the Jerusalem Post, Zero Hedge and others. He is also founder/publisher of CDM. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.
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    John Acord

    Tens of millions of Patriots patronize the hundreds of woke corporations that are little more than ChiCom agents. Why?


    Let's face it Biden is under Chinas control thanks to Hunter.


    I really wish I could disagree with the author. But I can't.


    In or about 2035 black/brown become the majority in America. Considering the KKK reborn (Dem party)'s view of this, what do you expect? You see, according to them, blacks are uneducated, dependent, and low IQ, and browns are best at, well, landscaping and construction labor. So... In their mind, how can the world survive if these types are left in charge of minding the US economic center? Hence, we move everything to Asia where IQs run high, and an almost vicious sense of xenophobia is natural part of life.

    That, I believe, is your basic problem. Move it all to China, and leave the smoldering ember behind.

    It's despicable, but then, you can refer to any blue city for their vision of the future US.


    The One Thing You Have Forgotten is God. God Will Have the Final Say and He in Actively Working in the States Where the Audits are Being Worked and As Log as We the People remain Humble God Will Finish them and He will Turn this Country around. I don't think it will get turned without a Civil War but Hey We have to Clean out the Evil from this Country One way or the Other.

    We the Believers will not Start the War. They will Start it When it is Discovered that They Cheated and That Biden the Jester isn't the Winner and President Trump is the Rightful Person to Occupy the White House. When this happens and they realize that this will end Their Reign of Power Forever, that the People of this Nation will now Vote for Every Law to Fix ALL ILLEGAL VOTING Forever they will Come Out Fighting. IT WILL BE AN ALL-OUT WAR. They Have No Other Option. To-Do Otherwise is to Walk to the Gallows For a Hanging Because They are Guilty of Treason!

    It will be a New Day in America When God Turns The Socialist Nation back into One Nation Under God a Constitutional Republic Again.

    Thought Criminal

    Your words are painful, and necessary.
    You say what many of us have been saying, shouting, for decades to the utter annoyance of the Blue Pill Zombies.
    Keep shouting
    Keep annoying
    Keep writing those fantastic Turnbull books!

    Mic J Palazzolo

    I don't think that Biden knows what he had for breakfast this morning.


    Cheer uo, the UFOs will blow us up before evolution regresses that far.


    You are definitely right about most of this article except the last part. America won't be back and there will not be any 1776 rerun. This is the end game and there is one world government right now. Soon there will be civil war ending nuclear and it will be spread throughout the western cultures. There is no hope for all you whom have placed all your trust in the governments of the world. Not until you repent and obey the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, this is your only hope if you turn your back on this fake world system, pick up the cross and follow Him.



    Wonder how many U.S. politicians are bought off by China? It's frightening to know that Bidena and son Hunter have been involved in secret dealings with not only Chinese billionaires but a Mexican one, the guy who partly owned the N.Y.T. The Republican party is useless also as a legitimate opposition party. McConnell should step down because of his wife's businesses and on and on. Americans have been betrayed and sold out for the last 50 years at least.


    I am with Dinogator & Nixon, 245 years can’t go down the drain without a fight.


    History has proven that Great Nations DO HAVE AN EXPIRATION DATE and The United States of America has reached it. On average great countries have lasted about 250 years. Then they fall to self loathing and rot. You want recent proof? In 1776 "The sun NEVER sets on the British empire" and by 1939 they could not even fight the Germans. Each generation since 1945 has stood on the Deeds of the greatest generation and produced with each passing year more "I hate America " kids that produce even more U.S. hating citizens. We have the government that we deserve. And I promise that in a short time we will be the new Corporate Fascism just like the CCP is in China. You can pray till your knees bleed that will not be enough. Over the last 60 years we (The U.S.) has asked God to Leave first our schools then the rest. I think God loves us so much that he has stepped back (again by our asking) Let us see what type of "Leaders" we end up with. God Bless The People of the United States of America and DEATH TO TRYANTS .

    The Saint

    It's big and it is coming. There is talk of Russia/China taking military action against America and an EMP would kill most of us from starvation. Prepare just in case it happens. Talk from those who should know are pointing to the September-November time frame. PREPARE!!!!


    "If a politician found he had cannibals among his constituents, he would promise them missionaries for dinner." --H L MENCKEN


    Pelosi is our Mussolini


    Just because some people with no education a la 14-1 centuries , meaning they think that everything is just a toy, have imagined some simplistic idea and now are trying to falsify many institutions, procedures , and things and facts, from multiple directions and countries, does not means that their actions have an equivalence with a success of their enterprise. The cause being: their inhumane idea contains a contradiction, which as any internal contradiction, generates inconsistency and so an unstable state of affairs.

    The logical consequence from our point of view consist in a great necessity to think faster and deeper (as some 2 weeks of knowing about the falsities in the official narrative about corona and vax have been sufficient to reject the official narrative and to move immediatly to adopt another approach of the corona and vax) and to react faster (immediatly changing the approach , immediatly applying the new knowledge, no maybe later) and to enlarge the internal contradiction of their idea that some humans, they, know everything (do not exist human means for such a thing, cf. Kant and the greek's "Know yourself" first).

    The internal contradiction of this simplistic idea, consists in an opposition to the nature of human beings when in the same time these people whant us to be reverential exactly with the nature, and so, self-contradicting themselves because the human beings are part of the nature, as cells and neuro-networks.

    Their idea lays on an hypothesis: that we are ignorants like them.

    It is about just to apply our new knowledge faster than today.

    rumours of WAR

    Beijing Biden will deliver the America prize like the good fifth column fellow traveler traitor that he is.
    Burn it all down has been broadcast since the 1960's and the Long March started in the 1930's.
    We get to be the Indians now as we are sold down the river by our best and brightest faculty lounge mutants.

    Sun Rabbit

    I see your point, but you're mistaking a false flag for a false faggot. They've gotten a lot more sophisticated because WE THE PEOPLE have gotten more sophisticated. That whole NWO, or World Economic Forum with its cartoon-Bond-villain Charles Schwab is just a misdirection. It's reverse psychology. You're supposed to hate the one actor (Schwab) and love the other one (Trump) and his dick-puppet Q. It's all about divide-and-conquer so we don't see the big picture. Add mass immigeration to the mix and nobody sees the real enemy, and that is/has been all along government itself with its fiat money, fiat science, fiat art, etc. Fiat ENEMIES too.


    You're ALL completely incorrect....America has not existed since 1999, when their Third and Final International Bankruptcy ended.
    Russell-Jay: Gould was the one person who saw it coming and SAVED America's butt from capture by the British.
    Whosoever makes comments to the opposite, is hereby labeled a non-patriotic terrorist, with no brain capacity and no honor.


    It is high time 'Americans' came to the REAL party and claimed back their country, and if you DON'T give it back to the rightful custodians, you're going to be more sorry that ever before!

    Lon Spector

    Totally correct. God has completely washed His hands of the American nation state.
    Christians will be O.K. because they belong to God, but the American nation will be destroyed like Sodom and Gomorria.
    There may have been other "Americas" in the past that have been destroyed. Unspeakable atrocities await.
    From here on out, the defrocked American nation plays no role in prophetical events.

    James Scott

    Until white men in the USA are willing to say the word jew in a negative light nothing can change.

    Max Dugan

    what he doesn't know or even care about is that neither will his family........exist.


    God helps those that help them selves and gives comfort to slaves. Most people that have lived on this earth have been slaves and serfs.The Greek democracy lasted only 147 years. Roman consensual government not much longer. Now with out the blood of patriots, the greatest democracy ever seen is finished. The current democracy lasted about the same as The Greeks. Welcome to the coming TYRANNY

    Aebe mac Gill

    The only solution to what is killing America is to throw every Dim out of our Country.
    It can be done, give it some thought.
    Throw them out!



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