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    Black Rifle Coffee Clarifies CEO Hafer's Comments To New York Times

    July 19, 2021

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    Black Rifle Coffee CEO Evan Hafer clarified comments he made to the New York Times regarding racism among some of his customers. Hafer stated the reporting took his comments 'out of context'.

    You can listen to his rebuttal here on Instagram. The video could not be embedded.

    Yesterday we posted the story via The Gateway Pundit.

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    Eddie Barriga

    To hell with this devil!


    You Trusted The New York Times.... YOU TRUSTED THE NY TIMES????? The moment you opened your mouth with their biased reporters you no longer controlled your own narrative. No matter what you said it would be twisted and replayed out of context and represented to the public to the determent of conservatives. Watch and learn but, stick to making coffee. At this point you're too gullible for these times.

    Austin Harrouff

    Cringe narcissist is also reading from a script. This is like the male version of Dana Loesh.


    And Kyle Rittenhouse???? Anything?
    Criminal what was done to that poor kid.
    Not really buying what you're saying.

    Andrew Ziolo

    Not a word about Kyle....pretty big omission. Guess the NYT must be accurate on that matter.


    Once you burn your bridge, it is impossible to get back to the other side. I doubt your clarification has any validity, it is just an attempt at damage control, and a very lame attempt at that. BRC is finished as far as American Patriots, Conservatives, and pretty much your entire base is concerned. Go pedal your crap to the Liberals, ANTIFA, and BLM, you damn traitor.

    Daniel E Silvan

    I don't think his statement needs clarification. His meaning was pretty clear to me and most of his (former) customers judging by the comments they left here and on other sites carrying the story. Turns out he is just another fake poser.



    Yann Gbedo

    zero mention of kyle, yea fake apology. works well with his long time fans tho so he will weather the storm. just play dumb. pretend this is all just about the veterans who risked their lives. It's not like Kyle risked his life defending his community after all, and now he's getting persecuted for defending his own life god forbid.



    How quickly you turned tail and sold out. A regular Star-Bucks Junior. You can keep your overpriced pedestrian coffee along with your overpriced elitist mentality.


    I sell coffee online myself. Green coffee mostly. I have had many customers come to me from this place, not happy because of the terrible treatment they received from this places customer support Just because someone served in the military does not automatically make them a good person. This right here is a fine example of that. Do your homework and don't buy over roasted garbage.


    HAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!! The ‘out of context’ defense was literally called on every comment board that exists! We ALL knew you f*cking losers would play that card!

    No One

    Black Rifle Coffee CEO Evan Hafer : you should have never gotten political, as the saying goes...get woke go broke.


    You lost me forever. As my father used to say "engage brain before rattling tongue".


    Two-faced closet liberal.


    Another phony who uses the veteran angle to sell his product while despising the people most likely to be his customers.
    My old man Who ran a business was smarter than all these fools running businesses today. His cardinal rule was never insert politics or religion in you business model.


    Your "old Man" was RIGHT!!

    Sean O'fueller

    great advice, unless of course your business is the manufacturing or selling of religious or political products.

    Red Bongo

    Hager has risen beyond his level of competence, one vet to another.

    Beau Diddley

    This guy is nothing but a left-wing hack, who saw a good way to Market some mediocre coffee. This low-life, scumbag, piece of Filth has at various times stated to call Rittenhouse should go to prison for murder and he has stated that civilians should not be able to own AR-15s, because they are weapons of war. This guy is a lowlife piece of leftist filth. The singer people quit talking about him, the better.

    Beau Diddley

    Cool! Now let's see him explain away his previous comments where he said Kyle Rittenhouse should go to prison, and no civilian should be allowed to own AR-15, because they are weapons of war.


    Allow me to put it into context for your flushable customer base:

    I hate you. I'm a hardcore leftist, Marxist. I used you patriotic suckers to make money that I could then spend on my limousine-leftist lifestyle and donate to anti-America causes. I'm laughing at all of you dumbass Conservatives for falling so easily for a clever, but contrived company name and a simple pro-America marketing scheme.....MAGA Suckers.

    There! It's all back in context for your flushable, former customers. You're welcome.

    Fool your flushable patriotic customers once; Shame on you. Fool them twice; Shame on them.


    Dana Leosch had somebody on from Black Rifle and then bragged about she doesn't need any advertisers. She brought up the fact that conservatives "believe the NYT" as he wasn't quoted accurately, although he never denied one word.

    Dr. Scooter Van Neuter

    You made your bed, moron. No more crappy coffee from you.

    Paul Schulze

    Easy fix. Simply remove "Rifle" from your logo and replace with "Lives Matter" then add a portrait of St. George Floyd to replace the hideous weapon of war. It is your only hope. You have destroyed your former customer base. Time to go after the Starbucks crowd.


    He sounds like a Democrat .I have been buying their coffee , have three brothers that are vets , but no more , I will just support my local grocery store brand , I really don't need designer coffee anyway.


    Adios, BRCC!


    So he claim the conversation was about racism. Did he bring up all of the anti-white racism being state sanctioned and mainstream media supported? And he calls himself conservative. Did he bring up the stats on interracial crimes. Did he say he does not want any business from the racist/marxist at BLM!
    He's no true conservative , he a coffee maker that just got exposed more than he wanted to. Maybe he should stick to making coffee and stfu. Better to remain silent and thought a fool then to open his mouth and remove all doubt.


    St Floyd? The patron saint of Fentanyl? Yah that will sell a ton of coffee for them Im sure.
    Sadly it will probably sell more than they ever did before.

    What about Kyle?

    Words about Kyle? Here’s some - he is a murderer.


    Five seconds into why he gave an interview to the NYT I tuned out. I never tried his coffee, and now I never will. "Out of context" is always the fall back position for these posers. Stop wasting our time.

    Madam DeFarge

    Lol, just keep digging bud.


    Old A-10:pilot here, just cancelled my BRCC subscription and told them why. Sorry boys, you have heard the expression “go woke - go broke”?
    92TFS RAF Bentwaters ‘79-‘82


    Old A-10:pilot here, just cancelled my BRCC subscription and told them why. Sorry boys, you have heard the expression “go woke - go broke”?
    92TFS RAF Bentwaters ‘79-‘82


    Check out Beard Vet. I checked them out because someone mentioned them in a post. They look like they have more than just coffee.


    He's a Paytriot, they're all over now that America is dead


    He's walking back after being caught. Don't make NYT the enemy on this. He loves the Tmes and He personally contributed to Biden* campaign 2020.
    His staff are all Pro biden* and heavy contributors to the Democrat Marxist Party.
    Every RINO in the world is out there now defending him.


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