• Boris Johnson Infected With Chinavirus

    March 27, 2020
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    The entire world and #FakeNews media now has a very public example of a Chinavirus infection because British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for COVID-19. Now everyone is going to see in real time how an exuberant, and relatively healthy, extrovert at the top of the political pyramid survives the symptoms of infection. Boris Johnson has said he will continue to work from home and No 10 said they would not be pursuing contact tracing because finding the person who infected the PM is not a practical mission.

    Boris with Communist
    Boris Johnson with Communist

    How the sickness will affect the 65 year old patient is anyone's guess but questions about the dangers of the Chinavirus has been raised in recent days by scientist and doctors. Is it really as deadly and horrible as some prognosticators claim? The author of the Imperial College London study, Neil Ferguson, has clarified his findings that have been cited to justify the draconian policies of business shut down and social distancing recommended by governments around the world. In short, the China virus is highly contagious but because of the national clampdown not nearly as many people will die.

    One of those people who will not die from Chinavirus is a gregarious 65 year old Prime Minister who will be leading his island nation and the greater Commonwealth using the "wizardry" of modern technology. The entire world will be watching this high profile politician work through the common symptoms of sore throat, coughing an elevated temperature and recover. It will be a living example to his fellow citizens, and all the people in the Anglosphere, that it's time to get back to work.


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