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Former Chancellor Of The Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, To Be Next UK Prime Minister

Rishi Sunak

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The former Goldman banker with ties to the WEF and Chancellor of the Exchequer (Minister of Finance), Rishi Sunak, will become Britain’s third prime minister in three months since the resignations of both Boris Johnson in July and Liz Truss last week after just 6 weeks in office.

Sunak, who had been a leading candidate before Truss was chosen in September, reclaimed the top spot after both Boris Johnson, dropped out Sunday and House of Commons leader, Penny Mordaunt, withdrew Monday morning leaving Sunak as the only candidate. Upon her withdrawal from the race, Mordaunt said, “We all owe it to the country, to each other and to Rishi to unite and work together for the good of the nation.”

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After quitting Johnson’s government in July and losing to Truss in the last prime minister selection, Sunak warned that Truss’s tax plan would cause economic chaos for the UK. In an almost surreal turn of events, Sunak’s accurate predictions about Truss led to the implosion of her premiership, and Sunak has now been selected as prime minister.

There are rising fears among some Conservative Party leaders that with Sunak’s globalist views and financial background he is “willing to sell off the UK to his banker friends.” As Chancellor during the Covid-19 pandemic, Sunak drew criticism and concern with his drastic government spending measures, rises in taxation, and support for vaccine passports which he claimed would help keep the economy open.

Sunak’s wife also has family ties to a technology partner of the World Economic Forum (WEF). The WEF is known for advocating for a Chinese Communist Party-style economic system that emphasizes being able to track and control digital identities and currencies. As an acolyte of the WEF, Sunak has even received the tacit endorsement of the Chinese Communist Party.

Despite the concerns of some within his party, Sunak’s quick election is seen as a stabilizing moment for Britain. At 42 years old, Sunak is the youngest British prime minister in over 200 years and is also the first Hindu PM. With the entire world watching the questions remain. How long will Sunak last and will he fare better than his previous two predecessors?

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Htos1av October 24, 2022 at 1:51 pm

If you actually BELIEVE that he will the put the rights, concerns, and best interests of white Brittania AHEAD OF the indian caste sh*t on a shoe society, 9ESPECIALLY for whites) I have some swampland, just off the coast of Florida, for five dollars an acre…
PM me if interested.

Lorraine October 24, 2022 at 1:54 pm

Does anyone else hear taps playing in the background?
RIP United Kingdom. You’ve been a walking corpse for some time.
Now you’ve made it official. Welcome to the New World Odor. It stinks to high Heaven!

Nabi October 24, 2022 at 3:13 pm

Whoo boy! The ‘Commonwealth’ backfired big time!


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