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Biden, And The Leftist Media Are Lying To You About Who Pays For China Tariffs

Biden, And The Leftist Media Is Lying To You About Who Pays For China Tariffs

Donald Trump has been spot on regarding his comments on the China trade war. We have been running a half trillion dollar trade deficit with Beijing for years. It has to stop. Why is this you ask?

The reason is that China cheats. Unfortunately they were given membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO) by the globalist Bush administration and this gave them all the trade freebies they could ever ask for. At the same time, they have broken WTO rules by manipulating their currency, forcing technology transfer to Chinese companies, and outright blockage of markets to non-Chinese goods, all forbidden by international trade agreements. China was never held accountable for these violations of course.

If we continued down this path, we would be subservient to China eventually economically; it was only a matter of time.

So what is Trump doing? He is raising the costs of Chinese good entering the United States, making them no longer the low-cost producer, as a penalty for China’s unfair behavior towards American commerce.

But won’t the American consumer just have to pick up the cost? Well, maybe. If an American company continues to buy only Chinese goods, then most likely the cost will be passed on. However, that scenario exists only in a vacuum. In reality, American buyers will switch to another low-cost producer, like Mexico, Taiwan, or Vietnam. Other suppliers will move in on China’s turf.

The mercantile policy of China, to rip off others to make their nation stronger economically and militarily, is going down in flames. America is the largest global market. China cannot make up the slack by selling to others. This will have a direct impact on their ability to project power around the world, which is a very good thing for Uncle Sam, and the American worker. This is why the Trump administration is confident China will feel most of the pain, possibly leading to civil unrest and regime change.

But why does Joe Biden say China is not a threat, just a business partner? Could it be because China gave his son a $1.5 billion contract to make him rich? The Democrat Party, Hollywood, and parts of the corrupt media are fed by China. They have sold out America, and you and me, for money.

China is an existisitential threat to our way of life. Donald Trump is the only man with the guts to confront this threat. #MAGA.

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Mke May 13, 2019 at 10:50 pm

Mr Wood, I enjoy reading your articles and agree 100% with you on this subject. Gptta put pressure on them while we can.



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