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Trump Calls For Rebuilding America…$2 Trillion Infrastructure Package, Flips Script On The Left

Trump Calls For Rebuilding America...$2 Trillion Infrastructure Package, Flips Script On The Left
Image by Dietmar Rabich

U.S. President Donald Trump called for a $2 trillion stimulus package to rebuild America, a signature part of his campaign strategy, which highlighted the nation’s crumbling infrastructure.

In a complete flip of the script on the Left, which had been salivating at the thought of an American economy shut down through the election, Trump has taken a page from the progressive playbook — don’t let a good crisis go to waste.

Obviously, the details need to be worked out, and the bill has to go through Congress, where the Pelosi crowd will load it up with socialist pork, but this move seems to have once again shown the socialist machine to have underestimated POTUS.

Markets are mixed after the news, having already moved significantly higher in the last week.

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1 comment

MeeesterPaul March 31, 2020 at 7:39 pm

heh heh now the libs will be against infrastructure.
maybe if they will agree if they get funding to let pedophiles and gender confused people ‘teach’ elementary schools


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