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    Look Ma, Another Stimulus Deal Is Comin...

    August 19, 2020
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    Look Ma, Another Stimulus Deal Is Comin...
    One of the most famous American photos of the 1930s, shows Florence Owens Thompson, mother of seven children, 32 years old, in Nipono, California, March 1936, looking for a job or social aid to support her family

    If you read the corporate media tea leaves, and comments from the 'leakers' inside Congress and The White House, there seems to be another Chinese coronavirus 'stimulus' deal a comin...

    As the DNC convention wraps up its glorious dumpster fire (h/t TGP), the Democrats seem to be realizing that public opinion is turning against their intransigence on more help for Americans that need it, while they push trillions in 'progressive' priorities and pork that will only make things worse.

    The corporate media is busy cleaning up the DNC mess with new articles on how Pelosi and the gang are only in discussions to help Americans, 'for the children' of course.

    Here's one leak from Bloomberg...

    The Trump administration sees a possibility for Republicans and Democrats to agree on a smaller round of pandemic relief totaling $500 billion that would omit the biggest areas of disagreement, according to a senior U.S. official.

    Here's what CNBC said yesterday..

    Senate Republicans are reportedly planning to introduce a scaled-back $1 trillion coronavirus relief bill, aimed at restarting the stalled negotiations over stimulus legislation in Congress. 

    One important form of aid appears to be missing from the GOP’s latest plan: a second stimulus check. It’s unclear why Republicans excluded a stimulus check from their plan, because sending Americans direct cash is one thing both parties had seemed to agree on.

    Specifically, we said that  "we are confident it is only a matter of time before Congress announces a "major deal", one which sees US debt explode higher by several trillion, sends the dollar sliding more and pushes gold to new all time highs," reported Zero Hedge. As a further reminder, absent a new fiscal stimulus, US compensation would collapse from its recent sugar high, to levels last seen two years ago which would crater US GDP with just weeks to go before the November election.

    Well, just a few minutes later it appears that we are well on the way to a compromise, because according to Politico, Pelosi said that Democrats are willing to cut COVID-19 demands "in half" to get agreement on stimulus bill.



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