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    Amazing What Trillions In Money Printing Can Do...Even Juice An Economy Short-Term

    March 11, 2021
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    Eventually The Piper Has To Be Paid

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    It really is amazing how the injection of a couple trillion dollars, and the promise of a few more shortly behind for 'infrastructure', (read Green New Deal boondoggle) can juice an economy.

    After initially reeling from the prospect of Biden re-regulation, debt, irresponsible spending, fiscal, and monetary policy, the economy is now on a sugar high enabled by Biden steroids.

    The economy finally emerging from the CCP virus lockdowns, which magically are starting to end weeks after Trump left office, is also responsible for seemingly increased economic activity.

    This is the plan of course -- attempt to destroy the economy under Trump, then magically open it under Biden with trillions on top, to make illegitimate Democrat rule look glorious.

    Just remember however, eventually this debt has to be dealt with, eventually the market will go back to the Obama/Biden 'new normal' of stagnation. This is all fake and eventually the piper has to be paid. This is not real economic growth; it is growth stolen from your grandchildren.

    In reality, it's criminal.

    Continuous Jobless Claims (Feb 26) printed at 4.144M vs 4.22M consensus estimate.

    Initial Jobless Claims (Mar 5) printed at 712k vs 725k estimate.

    Initial Jobless Claims 4-week average (Mar 5) printed at 759k

    JOLTS Job Openings (Jan) printed at 6.917M vs 6.6M estimate.

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