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Crypto Shrugs Off Regulatory/China Crackdown, Surges Off Weekend-Dip Lows

El Salvador To Make Bitcoin Legal Tender: A Milestone In Monetary History
Image by Airon90

Disappointing the endless stream of FUD-promoters, crypto markets have rebounded strongly over the weekend despite more China crackdown headlines (good for ‘clean’ bitcoin) and the Binance ban in UK (meaningless given the entity’s structure); perhaps supported by positive comments from Mexico’s 3rd richest man:

“[Laughs loudly] No, no, no, no stinky fiat for no reason. Not even a single peso, no paper bills. I would take bitcoin.”“Bitcoin is the new gold, but too much more portable, transport Bitcoin is so much easier than having your in pockets gold bars”

Also on the positive side, seemingly unperturbed by persistent threats of a renewed crypto crackdown from lawmakers, Indian investors have piled $38.8 billion into cryptocurrency over the past year...

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