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    It's Official We're In A Recession And It's Official OBiden Is Destroying Our Economy - This Doesn't Happen Through Incompetence, It's Planned

    July 28, 2022

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    We are officially in a recession as preliminary numbers for Q2 show a decline, the second quarter in a row. No matter what the clowns in The White House say, we're technically in a recession.

    It's also planned.

    This doesn't happen through incompetence. No one is this incompetent.

    This is OBiden working to destroy our nation.

    Now they want to spend another trillion dollars, all printed of course. This will pour fire on the inflation, and put another nail in the American coffin.

    We have to stop them - period.

    Continuing Jobless Claims (Jul 15) printed at 1.359M vs 1.38M.

    Core Personal Consumption Expenditures (QoQ) Q2 PREL printed at 4.4% vs 4.5% consensus estimate.

    Gross Domestic Product Annualize Q2 PREL printed at -0.9% vs 0.5% estimate.

    Gross Domestic Product Price Index (Q2) PREL printed at 8.9% vs 7.9% estimate.

    Iniitial Jobless Claims (Jul 22) printed at 256k vs 253k estimate.

    Initial Jobless Claims 4-week average (Jul 22) printed at 249.25k.

    Personal Consumption Expenditure Prices (QoQ) (Q2) PREL printed at 7.1% vs 6.1% estimate.

    EIA Natural Gas Storage Change (Jul 22) printed at 15B vs 22B estimate.

    Kansas Fed Manufacturing Activity (Jul) printed at 7.

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    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Trey Jenks

    JOE BIDEN happily, greedily, and (typically) stupidly agreed, with mouth agape and eyeballs staring fixedly at nothing, to be globalists' trojan horse to put all their schemes into place.


    Forrest Gump summed it all up with: "Stupid is as stupid does." And even worse is the reality that stupid doesn't know it's stupid. EVERYTHING about the Biden administration is consummate incompetence and stupidity deeply and sincerely thought to be the right way to go. God, that's so terrifyingly sad.

    Andrew Tucker

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    Just as the scamdemic was/is a planned tihng to serve the corrupt and polluted among us, so the same is true with this recession, at the behest of Joe Biden who isn't bright enough to engage it on his own. All his collaborators needed was his approval.


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