• Hamas Leaders’ On Israel's Kill List Now Have Bounties On Their Heads

    December 21, 2023
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    Image by Hadi Mohammad

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    Israeli War Cabinet has been consistent from the very beginning of consolidating their mission in response to the October 7 Hamas-led attack inside Israel - Get all the hostages home and take out Hamas leadership. Now, they have put a price on some Hamas leaders’ heads. 

    Will Palestinians turn on them? Will Hamas turn on their leaders? Will they give confidential information to Israeli Defense Forces and Mossad in exchange for $400,000, or $300,000, or $200,000, or $100,000, or collectively, $1,000,000? Would anyone in a crammed nearly moon-cratered neighborhood in the Gaza Strip turn on them to stop the war? 

    There is no sane reason to believe that this is not possible. Hamas promised their jihadists smaller sums of money and an apartment to enter Israel and kill Jews. Those still alive in Gaza are suffering. 

    Last week the IDF distributed flyers across Gaza, promising large rewards to anyone who would provide information on the locations of senior Hamas leaders hiding in the Gaza Strip. 

    The same men have been on the Israeli “kill list” immediately following the Oct. 7 attack inside Israel, as earlier reported by CDM. 

    There is a long history here with Hamas and Israeli leaders are not wavering on their mission at all with all the pressure being called upon for a cease fire. 

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    Yahya Sinwar is the highest-priced on the list for $400,000, and for his brother, Muhammad Sinwar, $300,000.

    No one should underestimate Israeli war cabinet’s mission or their intention to hold Hamas’ leadership accountable. 

    From the start, Yahya Sinwar was declared a “dead man walking,” by an Israeli official in October.

    .Sinwar is Hamas’s “military and political leadership, all of its assets, are subject to attack and doomed,” stated  Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces, in October.

    War has a strange way of morphing into personal fights and this is a personal fight between long-standing Israeli leaders and Hamas leadership, especially with the Sinwar brothers. 

    There is no sane reason not to believe Israeli leaders even if most of the UN member states are calling for a cease fire. 

    The Israeli War Cabinet has stated the same message repeatedly from the start of its response.  

    Israel is hellbent on taking out the Hamas leadership and whether global leaders and citizens believe that Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders are taking the continued bombing of Gaza too far, their stated mission has been clear - bring the hostages home and take out Hamas leadership. 

    Yahya Sinwar was one of over 1,000 prisoners exchanged for the IDF soldier, Gilad Shalit, who was held in captivity by Hamas inside Gaza for five years. 

    When the Shalit one hostage for over 1,000 Israeli-held Palestinian prisoners’ swap happened in 2011, Netanyahu was Prime Minister. 

    Muhammad Sinwar facilitated the exchange. While Yahya Sinwar was then in prison, he objected to the negotiations because not all of the prisoners held were released. 

    Today, Yahya Sinwar is Gaza Strip’s Chief of the Palestinian Islamist Hamas movement and has led the movement since 2017. But, as one of the founders of Hamas’ police, Sinwar is not a favorite to all because that police brigade inside Gaza hunted down Israeli collaborators. Sinwar’s participation in the killing of suspected collaborators gained him the nickname "The Butcher of Khan Yunis.”

    The latest Israeli dropped flyers state that $400,000 is being offered for information on Yahya Sinwar; $300,000 for his brother Muhammad Sinwar; $200,000 for on the location of Rafa Salama, the Khan Yunis Brigade Commander; and $100,000 for the location of Mohammed Deif, head of Hamas's military wing

    "Confidentiality is guaranteed," the IDF flyer states with a phone number  to call. 

    Israeli Intelligence sources have told  CDM that Sinwar fled south from Gaza City in northern Gaza to Khan Yunis in southern Gaza in a humanitarian convoy soon after the ground invasion began.  

    Surrendered Hamas terrorists in Shejaia and Jabalya have told the IDF over the weekend that Hamas leaders, including Sinwar, were "denying reality.” 

    "The terrorists complain that the leadership of Hamas is disconnected from the serious situation they're in on the ground," said the intelligence source.

    "There is also a widespread feeling that the underground Hamas leadership does not care about the Gazan public above ground. This also greatly worries the military operatives of Hamas,” IDF Spokesperson Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari said. 

    Even though IDF operations in Khan Yunis have been widely criticized because they have intensified greatly, the search for the Hamas leaders is laser-focused. 

    A few weeks ago, KAN reported that Sinwar and Deif were believed to be hiding in Khan Yunis in southern Gaza.

    In September 2015, the U.S. government designated Yahya Sinwar a terrorists, and Hamas and the Izz ad-Din al Qassam Brigades were designated terrorist organizations by the U.S, the European Union and other countries.

    Yaron Blum, a former senior official in the Shin Bet, the Israeli domestic intelligence agency, described Yahya Sinwar on Israel Radio years ago. 

    “He is charismatic, he is not corrupt, he is modest and he advocates action…He will do all he can to carry out terror attacks,” stated Blum at the time. 

    In a year end's press conference this week, U.S. Secretary Antony Blinken was resolve on the Hamas Israeli war. 

    One of the things that’s striking to me is that, understandably, everyone would like to see this conflict end as quickly as possible,” Blinken said. “But if it ends with Hamas remaining in place and having the capacity and the stated intent to repeat October 7th again and again and again, that’s not in the interests of Israel, it’s not in the interests of the region, it’s not in the interests of the world.”

    What is striking to me,” Blinken continued, “is that even as, again, we hear many countries urging the end to this conflict, which we would all like to see, I hear virtually no one saying – demanding of Hamas that it stop hiding behind civilians, that it lay down its arms, that it surrender. This is over tomorrow if Hamas does that. This would have been over a month ago, six weeks ago, if Hamas had done that. How can it be that there are no demands made of the aggressor and only demands made of the victim?”  



    Christine Dolan

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