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    MIT Students Build New Hope For Free Speech

    December 19, 2023
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    MIT Students for Open Inquiry are facilitating a rebirth of free speech in Marxist Massachusetts.

    You can read their press release below:

    12/12/23 • MIT Students for Open Inquiry

    The MIT Students for Open Inquiry are revitalizing viewpoint diversity and creative ideas.

    We are the MIT Students for Open Inquiry (MITSOI), America's newest college organization for free speech and academic freedom. We're leading the campaign to support MIT exploration of unique, vibrant ideas in overlooked or controversial fields.

    MITSOI platforms independent-thinking speakers to explore worthwhile perspectives rarely discussed in mainstream academia and news. We welcome all opinions on these perspectives. We believe that colleges especially should lead the development of intellectual curiosity and fearless discovery, opening spaces for questioning and engaging with uncommon narratives, and equipping the next generation of leaders with critical thinking skills. Through our principles, we're building a beacon for free speech and open inquiry in academia. We've defended without hesitation our speakers' right to come to MIT and share their ideas.

    Many students applaud our bold stance, thanking us for giving them hope at MIT. The response from faculty, alumni, and public onlookers was overwhelmingly positive, with many notes of thanks and relief that finally, action was taken at MIT to restore open inquiry and shatter the atmosphere of fear that grips those who challenge orthodoxy.

    Some students chose to attack us. In our first week, a trans group sought to cancel Hirsh Singh, emailing to MIT undergraduates that he would be harmful. We stood our ground and thanked them for exercising their free speech. Realizing that direct confrontation would not work against MITSOI, students employed craftier methods to challenge us, such as satire and memes. We will keep doing what we believe is right and honorable, introducing more speakers to foster interest in our mission and leaving the crowd to itself.

    This semester, MITSOI hosted four speakers in four weeks. We kicked off by featuring Hirsh Singh, a former Republican Presidential candidate from New Jersey, who shared his insights on politics from the inside. Next arrived Dr. Shiva MIT '87, a polymath leading a long, distinguished career as the inventor of the world's first EMAIL system, founder of biological systems company Cytosolve, and an Independent presidential candidate. Dr. Shiva offered his perspective on the email invention controversy, Indian versus Western medicine, systems science, and the machinations of politics. A week later, we invited Steve Kirsch MIT '80, a storied tech entrepreneur and covid vaccine "misinformation superspreader". After years of being censored, vilified, and denied the opportunity to speak at his own alma mater, we proudly hosted his return to the Kirsch Auditorium, where he analyzed vaccine data and "crossed the Rubicon." We concluded with Derrick Broze, founder of independent media organization The Conscious Resistance and author of How to Opt-Out of the Technocratic State. Broze discussed the dangers of mass surveillance and algorithmic censorship, and proposed solutions, like using privacy-respecting technological services and building local communities.

    In pursuit of the American values of "liberty, fighting spirit, questioning the status quo, and building a new future", we sung the national anthem at (almost) each event.

    On the whole, the fall semester was a thunderous success. At an institution ranked 136th for free speech, where censorship of non-establishment ideas smolders since Dorian Abbot's 2021 cancellation, we platformed heterodox and creative ideas, which can lead to honest discussions and intellectually stimulating inquiries.

    In the spring, we aim to continue and extend our mission. Many influential speakers have reached out to us, desiring to speak at MIT. We'll not disclose their identities; it will be a nice surprise.

    If you'd like to receive our news and updates, subscribe at mitsoi.com/subscribe.html! Whether the winds of fate blow in our favor or not, we will always continue to advance free speech at MIT, the tech and entrepreneurship capital of the world. Together, we will illuminate MIT.

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