• LOOMER - BREAKING REPORT: Biden Threatening Military Action Against Texas National Guard

    January 26, 2024

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    Independent journalist Laura Loomer, who we are led to believe will be the press secretary for a second Trump presidency, has put out the following information this afternoon.

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    Woo-hoo! If the states run out of personnel, American patriots can join them with their guns. Wonder if Biden would dare to fire on American citizens linking arms along the entire border? We have the RIGHT to defend our country against invasion and the RIGHT to try and hang traitors like Biden who commit high treason. His first duty is to defend our country yet he stood at the Democrat National Convention and INVITED illegals to invade!
    "States Rights and Fort Sumter!"

    Plato v2.0

    We are not dealing with little Joey we are dealing with the Golden Child here, he hates you becasue you're white and he wants you dead! Remember that!


    I have been saying it since 2016. CommieKKKrats are itching for a second civil war. They think they can win this time.

    Mad Celt

    March to the White House and arrest that old codger.


    Everybody's first reaction is "firepower"! Guess the enemy has them right where they want them. Would the enemy shoot back if it came to that? My guess is, yes, in a heartbeat, Hope to God it does not come to that, but it is not out of the question.

    Tom Lahman

    The question in my mind is: will the American soldier do Pedo Joe's dirty work? I was a Marine. I and every other service member swore to defend the US Constitution. Our oaths were to the Constitution, not to the current president!

    No Remorse

    Without a doubt any citizen action will be viewed and treated in exactly the same manner as the peaceful J6 protest was. Beware the evil tyrant.


    This is what they want. Some know if Trump gets back in, the hammer will fall on those who have betrayed America and Americans.

    David Smith

    Biden's Bluff is being called. Whatever the idiot does, his border failure is going to be seen as the cause.

    Richard Jones


    Tom Lahman

    Pedo Joe has successfully enabled an invasion of five million plus illegal aliens and stole a presidential election! This is NOT a failure! This is Satanic evil and high treason. Do NOT confuse the two!

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