LIVESTREAM TX Election Integrity Rally

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An election integrity and prayer rally is currently being held at the capitol in Austin.













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More U-Haul Trucks Left California Than Any Other State In 2022, Texas Top Destination: Study

A UHaul Moving Truck

More moving trucks left from California than any other state in 2022 for the third year in a row, while more Americans are flocking to Republican-led states like Texas and Florida, a new study published on Jan. 3 has found.

The study was conducted by the moving truck rental company, U-Haul, and found that Texas, Florida, and the Carolinas were the preferred destinations for one-way moving trucks in 2022, with those states ranking as the top growth states on the annual U-Haul Growth Index.

U-Haul’s Growth Index is compiled according to the net gain of one-way U-Haul trucks arriving in a state or city, versus those departing from that state or city each calendar year across the U.S. and Canada and is a strong indicator of what kind of job states and cities are attracting and maintaining residents, according to the company.

Texas is the top destination for U-Haul trucks for the second consecutive year and the fifth time since 2016, according to the study. That is followed by Florida, which has been a top-three growth state for seven years in a row. South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Arizona, Georgia, Ohio, and Idaho also saw strong growth rates in 2022, the study found.

To read more, visit Zero Hedge.

Texas National Guard Builds 2 Miles Of Razor Wire Border Fence To Stop Flood Of Illegal Migrants

Soldiers Build Razor Wire Fence

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While most of the US spent time with family and enjoyed a long weekend for Christmas, the Texas National Guard was building a triple-strand concertina fence "to secure the area from illegal crossings," according to a tweet posted by the Texas Military Department.

Major General Ronald "Win" Burkett said of the 72-hour Christmas mission, "They're focused on deterrence, they're focused on sending a message that unlawful crossings is not an option. You've got to go to the POE (Port of Entry)."

The border project began Saturday morning with the Texas Air National Guard flying 400 soldiers and equipment into El Paso on four C-130 aircraft.

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Between Saturday morning at 4 a.m. when work started and Tuesday morning, the National Guard had erected 2 miles of the triple-level wire barrier along the riverbank in El Paso. The Guardsmen will be erecting more of the barrier over the coming days.

In the past week, almost 6,000 illegal migrants were released by Border Patrol either to NGOs or into the city, according to El Paso's Migrant Situational Awareness Dashboard. Over 10,000 border crossers were released the week prior.

El Paso was not the only part of the Texas border to receive reinforcement. Parts of the Texas-Mexican border also had razor-wire fencing built along parts of the border by the National Guard.

Other parts of the state are also using shipping containers as border barriers. With the Biden administration refusing to visit the border, much less address the illegal immigration issue, the state of Texas is turning to any resources it can find to secure its borders against the flood of illegal migrants pouring into the US from Mexico.

While Texas might not have a permanent solution to its massive migrant issue, it did get a bit of relief Tuesday when the Supreme Court agreed to stay ending Title 42 until oral arguments can be heard regarding the emergency application that was filed. Texas Governor Greg Abbott is certainly not waiting for federal assistance and is instead using the stay as an opportunity to secure his state's border as much as possible before Title 42 potentially ends in June.


Image by Matt1220

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This story is developing...

From a source on the ground in Houston...

“We have now confirmed Internet down on all public schools in Houston major centers for voting including West Gray the largest. No Wi-Fi, they're turning the red wave away this morning in what appears to be coordinated voter suppression. As best we can, we have some people getting names of poll workers recording them saying their name and getting them to confirm”

In Buckhead, Atlanta, GA...

Big voting problems in Atlanta. 3/4 of the voting machines are down at Sutton Elementary (next to Chastain) and just over the Buckhead line the church across from Holy Innocents is turning voters away citing "issues".

In New York...

So far, doors have been locked, someone “forgot the keys”, wifi down, voting machine broken

The Democrats can't win unless they cheat...

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Beto Will Kill Kids Across America, Not Just In Texas

Image by JD Lasica

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Beto lawn signs and bumper stickers are visible across my hometown of San Antonio.  The 2022 Gubernatorial election between Beto (Blue) and Abbott (Red) is heating up as Democrats try once again to turn Texas Blue.    Candidate Robert Francis O’Rourke calls himself “Beto” likely to appeal to the rising number of Hispanic voters in the state.  ‘Beto’ is a popular Hispanic nickname.  Robert O’Rourke claims to have been known as Beto by his family who gave him the nickname as a child, but he went by ‘Robert’ in college.  At some point he changed his nickname to ‘Beto,’ perhaps to mask his Irish heritage in a Hispanic state.

Unfortunately, his lies don’t end with his name.  

Drugs:  Beto’s website explains his plan to “legalize marijuana and expunge the records of those arrested for marijuana possession.”  Even though legalization will only apply to adults, it will also most likely lead to increased child use.  In my clinical practice a large percentage of teenagers use marijuana even though it is illegal in Texas; likely usage will increase when it is legal and more easily obtainable.  Research has consistently shown that marijuana use in adolescence can lead to lower cognitive ability/IQ, lower test scores, and an increased propensity for opiate addiction due to change in gene expressions in the brain. Further, DEA handouts for parents also indicate marijuana is often a gateway drug to other drug addictions. Worse, as an El Paso City Council Member in 2009, Beto stated “And I’d ask that there be some language in here that would also include advocating, or looking at, rethinking our War on Drugs, which by any measure I’ve looked it has been an abject failure. And also, looking at ending the prohibition on narcotics in the United States. And I’m not saying that we need to do that – to end the prohibition. I think we need to have a serious discussion about doing that, and that may, in the end, be the right course of action."3  In other words, in 2009 Beto was advocating legalization of all drugs, not just marijuana.

Border:  Beto’s website speaks of a “safe, legal, orderly immigration system” relying on sensors, drones, towers and not border patrol or National Guard (boots on the ground.).  In 2021, over 100,000 illegals were apprehended per month along the Texas border.  Liberal defenders like the Texas Tribune newspaper claimed that Governor Abbott’s Operation Lone Star that increased the number of border enforces was a failure because numbers of apprehensions are up are missing the obvious and more correct conclusion.  Border apprehensions are up because the number of agents and guardsmen are up so therefore more people are looking and able to catch offenders4.  If you don’t look, you won’t find illegals.  Border deaths due to environmental injures are also at record levels; many of the dead are children.  Children are also a favorite cargo of human traffickers in Mexico.  Encouraging illegal immigration means more deaths and child exploitation.

Drug overdose deaths in the US topped 107,000 in 2021 and are poised to overtake covid deaths in 2022.  Data shows fentanyl overdose deaths in pediatric populations increased from 230 in 2019 to 884 in 2021.5  Much of the fentanyl in the US is arriving illegally along the Texas border, the longest border with Mexico.  According to the Texas state government in 2022:  “Since the launch of Operation Lone Star, the multi-agency effort has led to 306,400 migrant apprehensions and more than 20,100 criminal arrests, with more than 17,600 felony charges reported. In the fight against fentanyl, DPS has seized over 336.3 million lethal doses of fentanyl during this border mission.”6

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In May 2022, Beto made national headlines for his insensitive and abusive remarks made at the Uvalde hearings investigating the school massacre.  At the time, Beto said “You are doing nothing,” O’Rourke said. “You are offering up nothing. You said this was not predictable. This was totally predictable when you choose not to do anything.”7 Beto was attempting to demonstrate his compassion for the lives of 19 children (and 2 teachers).  Most Americans can agree that particular shooting was a tragedy.  However, on the same campaign trail, the same man wants to fling the Texas border wide open and legalize drugs.  Drug deaths among Texan AND US children are at record levels from drug overdoses and his reckless plans will pour gasoline on the fire and increase the carnage to ensure not hundreds but thousands of children will now die from his ideas.  

Beto has a lifelong habit with hypocrisy and the truth.  In 1998, he was arrested for attempting to flee the scene of a car crash he caused while drunk, then lied about the event.  The same man changes his stance on gun control often depending on who the audience is.  Now he pretends to care for the lives of Texas children while he simultaneously has a platform in plain sight that will exponentially increase the amount of fentanyl in Texas which will then be distributed all over the US to spread suffering and death to all states.

Beto’s candidacy and plans should concern all Americans, not just Texans.  Robert “Beto” O’Rourke is a smart man and surely is well aware of the consequences of his drug and border plans.  This makes his threat to the lives of children everywhere unconscionable.

John Hughes, MD

Emergency Physician

USMA Class of 1996

3rd Generation West Pointer

4 combat tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan








Texas ‘Triple Threat’ Leads Hispanic Voters’ Seismic Shift Toward GOP

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Republican Mayra Flores’s special election victory Tuesday is the latest of the mounting evidence that Hispanic voters are inching away from the Democrat Party.

Flores defeated Democrat Dan Sanchez by eight points in the heavily Hispanic 34th District, becoming the first Mexican-born woman in Congress and the first Republican to represent the Rio Grande Valley in roughly 150 years.

Now she, along with two other Republicans, Cassy Garcia and Monica De La Cruz, have found themselves at the forefront of an undeniable national trend as they work to redden the three districts covering Texas’s southern-most point...

To read more visit Breitbart.

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Facts Beg The Question - Was Uvalde School Shooting Manufactured To Take Your Guns?

Facts Beg The Question - Was Uvalde School Shooting Manufactured To Take Your Guns?

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From an outsider looking into the situation surrounding the Texas school shooting, there is much confusion and many curious facts.

We know the World Economic Forum and the Chinese Communist Party are pushing for tyrannical control of humanity. Just this week the WEF was looking to pass 'health amendments' to give the WHO sovereignty over America, enabled by the OBiden regime.

The only thing standing in the way of this in North America is your personal weapons. The Second Amendment was not just for self-defense, it was designed mainly as a bulwark against a tyrannical government, that our Founders gave us.

Hence my question about the criminal acts in Uvalde...

The school shootings largely went away under Trump. Now they are back with a vengeance.

Why is that?

Now let's talk about Uvalde itself. CEO Andrew Torba said this on the incident as the facts trickle out.

Facts Beg The Question - Was Uvalde School Shooting Manufactured To Take Your Guns?

It is also reported that Federal Marshalls were the law enforcement personnel that were 'handcuffing and tasing' parents who were desperate to go into the Udalve school to save their children as cops waiting outside for an hour.

How does this make sense?

At the very least, the American people deserve an investigation and answers.

We also learned recently that a 'retired Federal agent' was communicating with, and had 'advance notice' of the Buffalo supermarket shooting.

Watching the OBiden regime in action in Afghanistan, the southern border, the baby formula debacle, Federal spending, Covid response, vaccine mandates, destroying our economy and energy security, funding the war in Ukraine, etc, etc., it is painfully obvious to anyone with intellectual honesty that OBiden is not working for the American people, but someone else.

Since we know the Biden crime family was in bed with the communist regime, the natural inclination is to assume OBiden is working for the CCP to bring down our nation.

Americans being armed stands in the way.

Think about it.

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May 24 Mid-Term Primaries - Georgia Alabama Arkansas Texas

Image by Jason Riedy

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Katie Britt will advance to a runoff in the Alabama Republican primary for Senate, but who she'll face isn't yet known.

If no candidate in a race in the state gets 50%+1 vote, the top two finishers advance to a runoff on June 21.

Nine-term Rep. Henry Cuellar is battling for survival Tuesday night in a fierce South Texas congressional race. Add that Pelosi supports him. There are just hundreds of vote difference in this bellwether race about reproductive rights.


“With the exception of the Republican primary for the Secretary of State, the undecided voters in our polling overwhelmingly backed the incumbent ticket,” Big Data Poll Director Richard Baris, told CMD.Press on Tuesday night. “At the top of the ticket, the second surge of early voters that polled so strongly for Brian Kemp, showed up.”

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp won his primary overwhelmingly defeating Trump-backed candidate David Perdue. Kemp will face-off democrat Stacey Abrams, who lost the 2018 governor’s race to Kemp by less than two percentage points.

Former NFL star Herschel Walker won the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate in Georgia. Walker had widespread support among Republicans, including the backing of former President Donald Trump and U.S. Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell. Walker will face off in November against U.S. democratic Senator Raphael Warnock who won his primary with over 95% of the vote. 

Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who became a national figure after Trump pressured him in early 2021 to overturn Georgia's election results, won his primary. Incumbent Attorney General Chris Carr also prevailed.

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene easily defeated five fellow Republicans that showed her conservative Georgia constituents standing by her. 

At her victory speech on Tuesday, Greene called for the impeachment of President Joe Biden and dismissed his election as the product of “fraudulent electoral votes.” She called pandemic mask and vaccine mandates “medical tyranny.” 

“Sending me back to Washington will send a message to the bloodsucking establishment: It is we who will set the policy agenda for the next decade and not them,” Greene confidently told her supporters. “We’re going to start speaking the truth more forcefully and more loudly than ever before.”


Incumbent Governor Kay Ivey won the GOP gubernatorial primary fending off several primary challengers after right-centered candidates criticized her for pushing Alabamians to get vaccinated.

In the GOP Senate primary, former Alabama Business Council president Katie Britt, who also served as chief of staff to retiring U.S. Senator Richard Shelby, won. Shelby endorsed Britt early in the race. 

Britt beat Rep. Mo Brooks, who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump. Then in March, Trump rescinded his endorsement after Brook’s publicly stated it was time to stop looking back to Trump’s 2020 presidential loss.  

Coming in third was U.S. Army veteran Mike Durant, whose personal story is inspiring and recorded in “Black Hawk Down,” about his time in Somalia. 


Former Trump White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders walloped her opposition in the Arkansas republican gubernatorial race with over 80% of the vote. 

She is a favorite to win in the general election in November in a state that former President Donald Trump carried by nearly 28 points in 2020. 

If Sanders wins in November she will serve in the office her father, Mike Huckabee, held for 10 years, and live in the governor’s mansion where she spent much of her teenage years. 

At her victory speech, Sanders reminded her voters of the Texas tragedy where young children and teachers were gunned down on Tuesday. 

“Every single life has value and the most vulnerable among us are the ones we should be fighting for and protecting the most,” Sanders said. “I can assure you that in my administration, that’s exactly what we will do. We will make sure that when a kid is in the womb, they’re as safe as they are in the classroom, the workplace, the nursing home, because every stage of life has value.”

Arkansas Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson was prevented from running again due to term limits. 

Sen. John Boozman has won the Republican primary in Arkansas, fending off efforts by challengers on the right after relying heavily on his endorsement from Donald Trump and the state’s top GOP figures.

Boozman is in the line to chair the Senate Agriculture Committee if Republicans win control of the Senate and he had the backing of groups like the National Rifle Association. 

Boozman’s challengers included former NFL player Jake Bequette, who had the support of a super PAC that spent more than $1.5 million on ads, and commentator and indoor gun range owner Jan Morgan, who had been endorsed by Roger Stone and Michael Flynn.

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In the GOP Attorney General primary, controversial Attorney General Ken Paxton, who is seeking a third term, received 65.8% of the run-off vote beating Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, the grandson of the late President George H. W. Busch, who garnered about 34%. He is the first in the Bush dynasty to lose a statewide contest. 

Rep. Henry Cuellar was beaten by democratic progressive challenger Jessica Cisneros, an immigrant attorney, who turned 29 on Tuesday. Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and progressive organizations, Democratic women's groups and labor unions endorsed Cisneros, who used to intern in Cuellar’s office. 

Since neither candidate topped 50% in their March primary, they advanced to Tuesday's head-to-head runoff to represent Texas' 28th Congressional District.

The race is the clearest test to date whether the Supreme Court leaked opinion on Roe v. Wade may have an effect on 2022 mid-term elections. Cuellar is the last standing democrat who is publicly pro-life

Texas Gov. Threatens To Declare 'Invasion' As Illegal Immigration Expected To Skyrocket

Border Patrol Agent Patrols South Texas Border

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) is considering invoking war powers to expand the state's authority to manage the southern border by officially declaring an "invasion" - verbiage which would comply with a clause in the US Constitution that says states are prohibited from engaging in war except when "actually invaded."

"If we do use this strategy, it could expose law enforcement in the state of Texas to being prosecuted," said Abbott during a recent press converence. "Is it something we’re looking into? Yes," he added.

Abbott has already mobilized thousands of National Guard troops to patrol the border, and ordered safety inspections of incoming trucks from Mexico - a short-lived program after it caused massive gridlock and disrupted international trade. He's also overseen the construction of around 20 miles of new border fencing at key ares. What's more, Abbott repurposed several state prisons to hold migrants charged with trespassing.

Perhaps most famously, Abbott recently began busing migrants from Texas to Washington DC...

To read more visit Zero Hedge.

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Polling: Texas And Biden With Richard Baris

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Texas primaries tonight and Hispanics are expected to turn out for the GOP in droves.

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