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    Democratic Candidates: And Then There Were 10 (Except It's Only 3, And Probably Only 2)

    August 29, 2019
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    Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Screenshot: YouTube

    Made The Cut

    The list of Democratic presidential candidates who made the September 12th debate cut is out. Surviving candidates include Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, Cory Booker, Julián Castro, Amy Klobuchar, Andrew Yang, and for some reason, Robert O'Rourke.

    While a presidential candidate can continue campaigning after failing to qualify for the next debate, it would be a quixotic quest. Gaining popularity while out of the public eye is next to impossible. Kirsten Gillibrand got out while the getting was not entirely humiliating, shuttering her campaign yesterday.

    Headed Home

    Who didn't make the cut: Michael Bennet, Steve Bullock, John Delaney, Tim Ryan, Marianne Williamson, Tulsi Gabbard, and Bill de Blasio. Only the last two are worth mentioning further.

    Some wonder why Bill de Blasio hasn't announced the end of his idiotic, New York taxpayer-funded campaign. Here's a clue: in two years and four months--the end of his term--de Blasio will become one of the most politically irrelevant figures in the country. He is hated by virtually everyone, and has proven to be one of the most inept mayors in NYC history.

    Tulsi Gabbard, perhaps the top critical thinker in the field, was manipulated out of the show. Despite besting the magical 2% mark in several polling contests and beating the 130,000 individual donors mark, desperate DNC honcho Tom Perez decided after the fact that the polls where she made the cut didn't pass muster. Translated: her story of self-reliance and patriotism through military service don't fit the fake-woke leftist narrative. Reducing Kamala Harris to a second-tier candidate in one fell swoop (by exposing Dem hypocrisy on crime!) was a popular move...among Republicans. Lastly, Gabbard, a Bernie supporter in the last cycle, is the sole candidate to speak truth to the DNC's shameful rigging of the 2016 debates to favor Hillary Clinton.

    Trump Tactics

    Expect President Trump to keep his powder dry for now. Biden has hurt himself repeatedly, and by my estimation, fatally, so no need to waste ammunition. Trump tried to take Warren out early in the battle at Wounded Knee, only to give her time to respond, recover, and rebuild. He won't make the same mistake again. That leaves Bernie. Teeing off solely on Sanders would only confer status.

    So, for now, best to jab at laughable GOP primary contenders "the three stooges," and focus on wins with Japan trade, wall construction, promising signs in the China trade war, and jobs, jobs, jobs.



    Court Anderson

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