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    5th Dem Debate: Candidates On Their Best Behavior, Except Yang

    November 21, 2019
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    Screencap: YouTube

    Democratic Party In Shambles

    The DNC appears to have handed down a dictum to all the participants in the 5th Democratic presidential candidate debate: act like sane, rational individuals or you're off the stage next time around.

    Why did all the candidates look like they were afraid of a scolding from Mary Poppins? Even the crowd was restrained. In short, the Democratic Party is in upheaval. The bad optics are manifold: the Bidens and Pelosis using influence to soak Ukraine, Hunter Biden in the news for a DNA test proving that he fathered a child with Arkansan Lundin Roberts while dating his dead brother's widow after a hasty divorce from the mother of his first three children. Why did Roberts come forward? Because Hunter stopped paying child support! Add to that allegations leveled at Paul Pelosi Jr. of abuse, forced abortion, property fraud, and calling Child Protective Services on the mother of his children in order to gain custody.

    Add to this tabloid-level fare the utter shenanigans of the impeachment hearings. Chairman Adam Schiff has beat on against the tide of an embarrassing inability to find a crime rising to anywhere near the level of impeachment. After a week and a half of tedious hearings, the best they have produced is the presumption of a quid pro quo of an Oval Office meeting with Ukraine's new president Volodymyr Zelensky in exchange for an announcement by Zelensky that he would initiate an investigation into corrupt energy company Burisma.

    That all of this comes on the heels of a failed, 2-year, $40 million investigation into Russian collusion that yielded nothing but theater of the absurd is one thing. That the crop of Democratic nominees have been shown to be, by turn, too old, in poor health, dishonest about racial identity, taking cues from astrology, or generally unqualified.

    Lastly, the party is in the grip of the young, brash, and sophomoric Squad and other leftists. Tension between Speaker Nancy Pelosi's leadership and the Squad has been well documented, and others such as Rep. Maxine Waters have adopted a posture of Impeachment Or Bust.

    There is no room for further embarrassment. And that's why the debate last night was toothless, an exercise in restraint. The real show is impeachment, and to distract from that would be Dem sacrilege. Not to mention that none of the candidates on stage would likely survive a brokered convention versus the likes of a Michael Bloomberg or Hillary Clinton.

    Not Many Debate Highlights, Yang Shafted

    Andrew Yang trolled the co-hosts of the debate, the Washington Post, beautifully. As the Daily Caller reported, "Businessman Andrew Yang got the least amount of speaking time, and it also took moderators 32 minutes to ask him a single question. He spoke for just under seven minutes during the two-hour debate." Afterward, he visited with the ragtag WaPo pundits after the debate, asking sarcastically, "Washington Post! Objective reporting, "Democracy Dies In Darkness," is that you guys?"

    Joe Biden performed as expected. He stuttered, claimed blackness by proxy, and committed yet another awful gaffe.

    Alleged staff abuser Amy Klobuchar had another case of the shakes.

    There wasn't much else worth dissecting. To summarize, the candidates made no moves that will affect their polling. The 5th was the most boring debate from this cycle to date.



    Court Anderson

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