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    The War Of Northam Aggression Backfires

    January 21, 2020
    Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and friend. YouTube

    World War III was a nothingburger. Thus far, Civil War II is similarly underwhelming.

    Call it the Rubber-Glue Effect. Everything the left has tried lately has ultimately boomeranged and stuck to them in comical fashion. Insults and insinuations returning to visit harm on the heads of the accusers. In Richmond, the "violent white supremacists" even picked up their own garbage.


    For a white supremacy march, they were awfully diverse. What do you call it when whites, blacks, gays, straights, Latinos, etc.--in other words, Americans--turn up at the alleged "celebration of hate"? A: you call it what it is, a rally for the cherished right to bear arms. Hell, even some Antifa members planned to march.

    This rally had everything: "Black Guns Matter" shirts, "Guns Save Lives" stickers, a rainbow banner proclaiming "Gays For Guns." A rally made necessary by devious state government, fronted by the ridiculous Ralph Northam.


    Northam embodies the oft-pooh-poohed fear of originalists, constitutionalists, Second Amendment supporters, historians, and formerly oppressed emigrants: they want to take your guns. Not only were all of the aforementioned correct, but the folks who would do the taking--globalists, socialists, leftists--have dropped their collective (and collectivist) veil.

    For a moment there, it was hip in some circles to openly state the gun-grab desire.

    Former presidential candidate Robert O'Rourke made waves during the September, 2019 Democratic debate when he enthusiastically stated, "Hell yes we're going to take your AR-15s!" In the weeks to follow, He was unable to present a cogent plan for said confiscation. Womp-womp.

    Political pundits, myself included, have argued that O'Rourke was desperate for higher poll numbers and latched onto the gun issue in hopes of a game-changing national moment of solidarity. He misread the tea leaves.

    Six weeks later, his campaign folded.

    So why did Gov. Northam think that he would succeed in uniting, of all people, Virginians against robust 2A defense? Yes, the demographics of the state have changed, but even Democrats who want more gun control recognize that baldfaced efforts to take legally purchased firearms from taxpaying Americans is a nonstarter.

    Nonetheless, Northam and the Virginia state congress pushed forward, thwarting efforts to censure and unseat them, as detailed excellently by CD Media here. Legal goalposts with restless legs, guns banned in strategically selected government buildings--and once it was clear the rally would occur, fences erected to control attendees.

    This is junta behavior, banana republic-tier silliness. All we need to complete the picture is a photo of Northam smoking a cigar in a tan military uniform with epaulets, a monkey perched on his shoulder.

    How did the thousands (estimates place the number between 13,000 and 25,000) of rally attendees respond? Like responsible, concerned citizens. Further, they didn't take any bait, calling out agitators and behaving responsibly. The media narrative failed utterly.

    It was perhaps surprising that a false flag event didn't occur, or a mass arrest. On the other hand, it speaks to the power of a well-armed militia--and the bureaucratic fear thereof--that neither event came to pass. Of course, it helps when a gaggle of sheriffs turn out to support the citizens they protect.

    The ugly truth, Governor Blackface Shillman. Via Twitter

    In the end, Northam's legal manipulations and the media's sly suggestions of racism and violence only confirm what many of us believe. Their narrative underscores an ugly fact: they want our guns because they know Americans won't go where they want us to without a fight.



    Court Anderson

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    Remember the UN Agenda 2030 which states "all citizens must be disarmed by the year 2030, it then goes on to state the reason "so no citizen can defend themselves." So even the United Nations recognizes that guns are for self defense! This is all about a global socialist government ( dictatorship) and all that stands in the way is Trump.

    candle in a hurricane

    Orwell's 1984 was a WARNING not a blueprint.


    can't it be both?


    Imagine how easily we could hold the BIG referendum if Democrats would spend ONE cycle being as open and honest about their beliefs and intentions as Republicans are? LOL! Game over. But, that's why the Left exclusively traffic in subterfuge and lies.


    gun control d-suckers will do anything


    As President Trump says, the bad guys (Democrats, Globalists, Socialists, Communists, etc.) are after us, not him. He is only in their way. Arm yourselves, if you have not already. The bad guys are serious, and they won't stop. So we must be serious, and ready.


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