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Democrats Motion For New Witnesses Is Defeated In Impeachment Trial

Schumer in one of his recess press conferences. YouTube

A motion introduced by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and that was tabled during the first days of the Senate impeachment trial was rejected by a 51-49 vote. The motion was begging for more witnesses for the impeachment trial but it should be noted that the Democrats were able to call 17 witnesses as they manufactured their articles of impeachment and the President had zero.

The obvious two GOP defectors were Senators Pierre Delecto, aka Mitt Romney (R-UT), and Susan Collins (R-ME).

While Sen. Collins voted with her blue state constituents and Democratic opposition in mind, no doubt Romney cared more about acting out some petty vendetta with President Trump.

Another motion will be heard tonight, also introduced by Sen. Schumer, asking for more physical evidence for the Democrats’ “overwhelming” case.

The Senate impeachment trial will adjourn Friday evening after the second vote and pick back up on Monday at approximately 11am. Each senator will have a chance to speak next week, and a most likely a motion to acquit will be voted on.

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