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    American Samoa Forces Sen. Warren To Quit

    March 5, 2020
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    American Samoa is a collection of islands and atolls in a remote corner of Polynesia but because it is a U.S. Territory its citizens are allowed to hold a caucus to select their prefered candidate for President of the United States. Their form of government is a "devolved presidential constitutional dependency" which should produce enthusiastic Democratic Party voters but on Super Tuesday only 351 of the 55,000 inhabitants turned up to vote. The Samoans really like Mike Bloomberg who won the majority of delegates from this Shangri-La in the south pacific, but the most significant win was a single delegate captured by a native daughter of Tutuila.

    American Samoa
    American Samoa is 7,000 miles away from Washington D.C.

    Tulsi Gabbard was born in American Samoa in 1981 and 38 years later she won a single delegate in the territories caucus. One delegate from Oceania is not going to make headlines in the MSM but it does qualify a Democratic candidate to participate in the upcoming March 15th debate. The DNC has been doing everything it can to keep Gabbard off the debate stage ever since she sank establishment favorite Kamala Harris in the fifth debate last November. Now it looks like the DNC will have to change its rules yet again to keep the specter of the attractive 38 year old Major from standing beside two septuagenarian DC lifers.

    Alas, changing the Democratic Debate Rules was not going to be enough because even though American Samoa's prefered leader, Mike Bloomberg, dropped out of the race the morning after his win another candidate refused to concede defeat. Senator Elizabeth Warren, who came in an embarrassing 3rd place in her home State of Massachusetts, was still in the fight. The woman President Trump calls "Pocahontas" had no conceivable chance of winning the Democratic nomination but she probably would qualify for the March debate even with the DNC rule change. If Sen. Warren were admitted into the debate then Tulsi Gabbard would have a strong case to demand a 4th podium on the stage so...

    Today Senator Elizabeth Warren ended her campaign and refused to endorse either Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders even though, after competing against them for over a year, she must have a preference. “I need some space and I need a little time right now,” Warren said at a press gathering outside her house this afternoon. Space and time and a lots of quiet to contemplate the terrifying power of Tulsi Gabbard and how low the DNC will go to silence a woman's voice.



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