Biden Crushes Bernie Again (Despite Another Weird Dementia Moment)

March 11, 2020
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Image via Twitter from @MrNukemCocaine

Joe Biden's campaign is moving along toward the Democratic nomination as smoothly as a rubber-wheeled gurney on a polished hospital floor.

This ringing endorsement on Super Tuesday II--wins in Michigan, Missouri, and Mississippi--is another display of the left's Bark vs. Bite problem. The loudest Dems are the smallest dogs in the fight. Despite all the hashtags and promises, there just aren't enough Marxists in the country to elect their favorite grandfather figure.

Biden will likely win Idaho, Washington state is a dead heat with nearly 70% of the votes counted, but the night's smallest prize, North Dakota, will go to Sanders. It's his Own Private American Samoa.

But listen, folks: punchy, vacant Joe Biden turns 'em out with ease. It's almost as if party bosses favor the Man Who Brought Malarkey Back.

So much success, despite troubling scenes like this:

Asked whether it was appropriate to swear at an autoworker during a campaign stop in Detroit, Biden replied, "Well, I'm surprised that, uh, Sanders is joining Trump." His handlers did a good job not rolling their eyes as they shunted him into a waiting SUV.

Instead of just steamrolling over this, pause and ask yourself: what could he possibly have meant? There is no answer, no way in which Bernie Sanders has "joined" President Trump.

Surely, the DNC wouldn't put this man forth as their candidate. And in a way, they're not. Biden is a "team," not an individual. As Biden cabinet picks are floated, several familiar names have resurfaced. John Kerry, Susan Rice, and Sally Yates have all been mentioned. It's Obama 2.0. The Vice President will run the show, a liberal version of the Dubya/Cheney years.

It's a frightening thought, especially considering some of the prominent Dems still hiding behind the backstage curtains.



Court Anderson

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One comment on “Biden Crushes Bernie Again (Despite Another Weird Dementia Moment)”

  1. Make America Civilized Again.
    I never thought I would say this, but I'll take Biden or Sanders over Trump these days.
    His handling of the virus situation is a complete failure and an embarrassment.



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