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    It's Happening - We're Not In Kansas Anymore

    March 28, 2020
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    Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly issues stay-at-home order effective Monday through April 19. Kansas joins nearly two dozen states in ordering residents to stay at home. Up until yesterday the response to the Chinavirus pandemic has been lead by Governors and Mayors, but today the response has been nationalized and will be directed from Washington, DC.

    It's happening!!!

    Yesterday, after signing the CARES Act that will provide $2T in Chinavirus economic relief, President Trump signed 3 executive orders:

    1. Memorandum on Order Under the Defense Production Act Regarding General Motors Company
    2. EO to Order the Selected Reserve and Certain Members of the Individual Ready Reserve of the Armed Forces to Active Duty
    3. EO on Delegating Additional Authority Under the DPA with Respect to Health and Medical Resources to Respond to the Spread of COVID-19

    The first EO tells General Motors to start building personal protective equipment and ventilators (and anything else the Federal Government requires). The second puts all National Guard units, and individual members of the Ready Reserve under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of Defense. The third invoked section 301 of the National Emergencies Act and gave the Secretary of Homeland Security authority to respond to the spread of COVID-19.

    Today the President visited Norfolk, VA to see off the U.S. Naval Hospital Ship USNS Comfort on its way to New York City. A sister ship, USNS Mercy, is located in Las Angeles. These Naval Hospitals have never been deployed within the borders of the United States of America. New York might need the extra hospital because President Trump is considering a complete lock down of the tri-State area.

    Ivanka is right, these are unprecedented times and the world waits to see what happens next.



    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Kelly Jones

    The virus that's trying to conquer the free world
    With all the side shows going on trying to down Trump the last 3 years that didn't work...they finally had to put out the big one.
    It is called Covid-19....the players are quite visible ,but unlike the players the virus you can not see ! The top dogs in the Demacrot party are part of the players hooking up with China to get rid of both of theirs worst nightmare...President Trump...they both know Trump will do anything for his country and people and that is devastating to them...Trump with another 4years would have good law and order in the courts..he would have the borders secure..and would have good trade deals with every major country...this is good for the working people...small business..bug business and most corporations...most is not all...there are a few corporations that don't want Trump...the Dems know it..China knows it...that's why they will do anything no matter what it cost or how many lives are lost...the sadest part about it all is there are millions of Americans being lied to and being misinformed...a lot of people who are voting Demacrot really don't even know what they are voting for...if the Demacrots win the election here is what is going to happen the next few years...first we will be going to socialism which 80% of this country don't even know what it is...then after the government takes over most things we will move to communism...that is when the government pretty much owns everything...that's when the shock and fear will really start...these people in the mainstream media and realize they just completely screwed up there live's along with 99% of the other people in this country...they will say what the President says..nothing more..nothing less...and they better not mention free speech...bad things happen to people who practice free speech in a communist country....all you have to do is look at the policies of the Demacrots and with this virus out now...watch there actions and there interests..they have painted a very clear picture...but most of the people aren't looking at the picture...they are looking at the pretty shade of blue that the wall is painted with...that's my take and I hope I have painted a clearer picture then what was painted before you read this.


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