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    From Pause To Stop: Trump Extends Chinavirus Guidelines Until April 30

    March 30, 2020
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    At a White House Rose Garden Chinavirus (COVID-19) briefing on Sunday evening President Donald Trump extended his stay-at-home guidelines for another month. This will turn what was a 2 week pause in American economic activity into a 2 month voluntary work stoppage the likes of which the country has never experienced. There is no precedent for closing down entire industries and throwing millions of citizens out of work so the entire country, including the Executive branch of government, is guiding the ship of state in uncharted waters.

    China Stop Sign
    Stop America!

    The continuation of the social distancing and travel restriction guidelines by the Federal Government are even more peculiar because the original "pause" grew out of a need for the civic authority to validate what business leaders and the educational establishment were already doing. The 15 day pause was initiated on March 15 but schools across the country had already canceled classes and businesses had asked their employees to work from home over a week earlier. Sports leagues had suspended their 2020 season and the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament had been canceled. Theaters had closed their doors in New York City and Music and Arts festivals across the country had been canceled. The Government did not impose this "pause" on the business world, but the business leaders, scientists and media imposed this canceling of commerce on the government.

    President Trump had set an aspirational goal of reopening business activity for large segments of the country unaffected by the Chinavirus by Easter Sunday, but it became clear that many State Governors, business leaders and educators would not agree to return to normal. The Fake News media is determined to keep the economy closed and continue pushing fear with stories about exponential spread of the contagion. Regardless of what his advisors and scientists said, Trump had little choice but to lengthen the duration of the "nightmare" that has been forced upon him. The President promised that Tuesday's briefing will have more detail on what the citizenry can expect for the month of April.



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