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    Liberal Progressive Gov. Postpones Primary Election In Wisconsin

    April 6, 2020
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    Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers on Monday put off the state’s presidential primary for two months citing complications from the Chinavirus pandemic. The executive order from Evers, a Democrat, would delay in-person voting until June 9. Republican's challenged the EO in court noting that canceling an election is unconstitutional and violates basic principles of democracy. Because Evers waited until the day before the primary to announce his edict it has left the state Supreme Court a scant 24 hours to decide whether voters will be able to head to the polls on Tuesday.

    Liberal Progressive Gov. Postpones Primary Election In Wisconsin
    Forward... to June 9th

    Wisconsin has 2,320 confirmed cases of Chinavirus which has resulted in 75 deaths. Evers is one of several Democrat governors who issued a stay-at-home order and closed all nonessential businesses early on in the crisis. Dozens of polling places have been closed and there is deep concern among Democrats that their voting constituency would be suppressed. A look at the Wisconsin Health Map shows that almost all Chinavirus cases are in the city of Milwaukee with very little contagion in other parts of the state.

    Democrats have been very unhappy with their 2020 primary process ever since they had to sabotage the Iowa Caucus on February 3 to prevent Bernie Sanders from winning. Shenanigans continued through the early primaries until the day before Super Tuesday on March 3 when competitive candidates like Pete Buttigieg were asked to fall on their sword and allow Joe Biden to become the "front runner." Shortly after those early March primaries the Chinavirus captured the headlines, businesses and public gatherings with shut down and the 15 day pause closed down "non-essential" work and gatherings across the country. Tonight Wisconsin's Supreme Court has to decide if voting is an "essential" activity for a functioning democracy.

    The Chinavirus shut down of America's future has been wonderfully serendipitous for a Democratic party that doesn't want to show the nation its candidates. The presumptive front runner, Joe Biden, has suggested transforming the traditional DNC convention, scheduled to take place in Milwaukee August 17-20, to some kind of virtual get together using computers and smartphones. So far, just over half the states have voted in the primaries so there are still over 1,500 delegates uncommitted to a candidate.

    A presidential election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 3, 2020 and there is no way to postpone it due to Chinavirus hysteria. It's going to happen and the Democratic Party needs to acknowledge that reality and act in accordance with America's Constitution and traditions.

    Update 4/7/2020

    Wisconsin Supreme Court on Monday agreed with Gov. Evers earlier musings that he didn’t have the authority to reschedule the race on his own. The court struck down his executive order moving the election to June and allowed Wisconsin citizens to vote for their state and local officials. The U.S. Supreme Court quickly followed with a ruling blocking Democratic efforts to extend absentee voting past today's election.

    Wisconsin is now the only state with an election scheduled in April and adhering to law. As other states prepare to vote in May or June, Wisconsin will be long admired for meeting civic obligations and believing in the democratic process.



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