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McCarthy Won’t Go Along With Pelosi Pork And Handouts To State Employee Unions

McCarthy Won't Go Along With Pelosi Pork And Handouts To State Employee Unions

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy won’t go along with Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to inject pork into the recapitalization of the Paycheck Protection Program. Republicans have attempted to add another $250B to the program in order to continue supporting small businesses in the face of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic and continued lockdowns across the country.

“If people are out of work and there is money to keep people employed and is not focused on Democrat or Republican, there is a tremendous need, why the world would you have to do a — when we did the CARES Act, we had to give more money to the Kennedy Center,” he told reporters on a call Thursday, reported The Hill.

“We are not asking for a new bill, we are asking for resources for the successful parts of the bill to move forward. It is ironic that you would have to ask, can we do something? Let’s just say yes. There are 5 million people today, a new number of unemployment. Is that not enough? The question should be to [Speaker] Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). Can you not give a fig leaf to America and just say yes? It is ironic we are even in this situation,” he added

Democrats in the House want to add money for hospitals, food giveaways and state and local governments…in other words — government employee unions. This is very similar to the “I guess there weren’t as many shovel-ready jobs as we thought” Obama stimulus package in the last decade, where over $700B was spent but very little actual stimulus occurred, as most of the funds were soaked up to pay bloated government bureaucracies.

Hopefully, the GOP can hold the line here and push for a clean bill.

It’s been weeks since the PPP was enacted, and many small businesses have still not received help, leading to their demise. Only a small portion of the $10k ‘advances’ have been paid out as well, leaving most mom and pop shops without hope.

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Rebell May 1, 2021 at 10:20 pm

The message to McCarthy is hold the line here and everywhere or else he will be out in ’22 along with the rest of the appeasing so-called leadership. Repubs must fight now!


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