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    Mast-Heading Captain Brett Crozier

    April 18, 2020
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    What to do with Navy Capt. Brett Crozier? He broke the chain of command and sent an email full of classified information accusing his superiors of negligence in addressing the outbreak of Chinavirus (COVID-19) on the USS Theodore Roosevelt. Adm. Mike Gilday will decide weather to reinstate, reassign or permanently fire the renegade naval officer who was cheered by his crew and lambasted by Thomas Modly, former acting Navy secretary, who relieved him of his command.

    Mast-Heading Captain Brett Crozier

    At the end of March Crozier dashed off a four-page letter/email over an unsecure network to his fellow naval aviators because he believed his immediate supervisor would not have allowed the letter to be sent through the military network. The San Francisco Chronicle got a copy of the letter from some unnamed source and published excerpts from Crozier’s warning. Immediately Fake News media outlets and partisan left wing publications started hyping the news about the Chinavurus infecting the crew of "the big stick" which is the USS TR's nickname.

    The Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly visited "the big stick" after he fired their good Captain and dressed down the crew for their weakness and disregard for secure communications about the illness. Naturally his comments were recorded and leaked to the media by some members of the crew. Some sailors must have misunderstood the Acting Secretary's wise warning, "There is no, no situation where you go to the media, because the media has an agenda. And the agenda that they have depends on which part of the political aisle they sit. And I'm sorry that's the way the country is now, but that's the truth. And so they use it to divide us. They use it to embarrass the Navy." Said another way, The Fake News Media is the enemy of the American people.

    In the speech, the acting Navy secretary said Crozier was "too naive, or too stupid, to be the commanding officer of a ship like this" if he thought the contents of his letter wouldn't become public."The alternative is that he did it on purpose," Modly said, according to the recording. "And that's a serious violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, which you are all familiar with." Indeed, EVERYONE on the carrier was familiar with the UCMJ - even people who are not in the military know something about it - and the fact that Capt. Crozier sent his letter means he committed a premeditated act of mutiny.

    Why? To save his crew? To date one crew member has died, 7 have been hospitalized and hundreds have tested positive with no symptoms but a Nimitz-class nuclear powered aircraft carrier is docked at Guam with it's 5 thousand person crew quarantined on island. This Fake News story has taken a significant geopolitical deterrent off the board while Navy brass is moving ships all over the planet in response to a Chinese bio-warfare attack.

    Spencer and Crozier
    Brett Crosier and Richard Spencer

    Something very odd has been going on with the US Navy. Modly, became acting secretary last November when his predecessor, Richard Spencer, was forced out for insubordination to the Commander in Chief, Last week Modly was forced out because he told the truth to the crew of the USS Theodore Roosevelt. And Gilday, who decides Capt. Crozier's fate, was named CNO when Spencer pushed out the storied admiral Bill Moran for communicating with “Bad Santa” now-retired Cmdr. Chris Servello using an unsecured email account. One wonders if the sabotage of Admiral Moran by Richard Spencer will weigh heavily on CNO Gilday's mind while he decides how to punish or reward Capt. Crozier.



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