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    Desperate Dems, Dumb Decisions

    May 4, 2020
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    Michelle Obama. YouTube

    Whatever bump the left expected to get out of corona lockdown, the expiration date has passed. With no mantra other than "stay inside," Democrats are looking less like the party of ideas and more like "Karens," the generic label given to social behavior martinets.

    To be fair, no one is at their best right now. Everyone is living with, at the very least, a heightened sense of anxiety. At worst, sickness and death. It brings out the best in some people and the worst in others. And while it's not a perfect partisan divide between who wants to reopen and wants us to stay in, it's generally fair to say that liberals support lockdown.

    How's the presumptive Democratic nominee holding up? Joe Biden has faced a wave of new criticism concerning his alleged sexual assault of Tara Reade in 1993, adding to his laundry list of ugly campaign issues. The stress shows in odd ways. But forgetting the word of the year?

    Not to be outdone, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has decided to double down on her support for illegal aliens. Today, Pelosi suggested that the next coronavirus relief bill contain provisions assuring a universal basic income and state-issued identification cards for "undocumented workers."

    The strategy, last floated as the initial aid package was being negotiated, is akin to a welcome mat for those who come to America without seeking citizenship.

    It wouldn't be a true gathering of progressives without the Obamas, and sure enough, a political action committee was formed today to advocate for Michelle Obama as vice president. Biden has said in the past that he would add her to the ticket "in a heartbeat."

    Michelle has vowed not to run for office, but that was when it was assumed that Biden was of sound mind, that Pelosi could control the House, and that Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez would fall into line and endorse Biden (she has said she'll vote for him, but may not endorse him).


    It doesn't matter that Michelle has never held elected office or achieved anything professionally that demonstrates leadership ability. Irrelevant that she could be a 77 year-old's major medical event away from moving into the Oval Office.

    In a vacuum of new ideas, voters have quietly shifted back toward President Trump. His approval ratings matched their all-time high in a Gallup poll taken last week, at 49%.



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