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    Dr. Fauci Denies Coronavirus Originated In Chinese Lab

    May 5, 2020
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    In an exclusive interview with National Geographic, Dr. Tony Fauci claimed there was no evidence that the novel coronavirus that is wreaking havoc on the globe originated from a Wuhan Laboratory despite his employer saying different. 

    The Wuhan Lab/COVID-19 origins has been covered on CD Media since early February and growing evidence has been accumulating ever since. Sources within the Trump administration informed CD Media early that The White House believes COVID-19 originated in the bio lab in Wuhan, and not from the wildlife ‘wet market’ which is the narrative pushed by Chinese officials.

    On Sunday, President Trump said that he and his administration were preparing a report that would implicate China and their state-backed lab unleashed the deadly contagion on the world. Secretary Mike Pompeo echoed this implication when he told ABC News that there was “enormous evidence” mounting that Chinese human intervention played a role in the deadly virus spreading. 

    What we do know now is that Dr. Fauci may not have access to the evidence that the intelligence community has regarding the Wuhan lab and understand why President Trump and parts of his administrations feel so certain about the coronavirus origin. More importantly, we know that Dr. Fauci has a clear motive to deny these allegations; he was essential in the U.S. government’s funding of the Chinese coronavirus research at the Wuhan laboratory. 

    Dr. Fauci personally helped secure U.S. government grants for Dr. Shi Zhengli and her team that was actively working on SARS and bat coronavirus research, and continued similar research in China when her team relocated to Wuhan, even as the virus was rapidly spreading. 

    News has also broken that Dr. Fauci might have broken U.S. law when he continued to fund the coronavirus research in China with his agency’s coffers after the Department of Health and Human Services defunded the program in 2014. 

    The Chinese actors did stop the research on U.S. soil but moved the operation to the Wuhan Virology Center, ground zero for COVID-19.



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