SHOCK: Deadly Dem Governors = 3X More Deaths Than GOP States*

May 26, 2020
Image: YouTube

In what is shaping up to be one of the uglier subplots in the coronavirus pandemic, Democrat-run states are far deadlier places to live than their Republican-run counterparts.

Let's keep this simple.

Data as of noon, Monday, May 25th.

COVID Deaths In Republican-Governed States:

Alabama: 559
Alaska: 10
Arizona: 800
Arkansas: 116
Florida: 2,252
Georgia: 1,827
Idaho: 79
Indiana: 1,824
Iowa: 426
Maryland: 2,302
Massachusetts*: 6,372
MIssissippi: 625
Missouri: 681
Nebraska: 150
New Hampshire: 209
North Dakota: 53
Ohio: 1,969
Oklahoma: 311
South Carolina: 435
South Dakota: 50
Tennessee: 336
Texas: 1,519
Utah: 97
Vermont: 54
West Virginia: 72
Wyoming: 12

COVID Deaths In Democrat-governed states:

California: 3,774
Colorado: 1,332
Connecticut: 3,675
Delaware: 326
Hawaii: 17
Illinois: 4,856
Kansas: 206
Kentucky: 391
Louisiana: 2,567
Maine: 78
Michigan: 5,228
Minnesota: 869
Montana: 16
Nevada: 392
New Jersey: 11,133
New Mexico: 317
New York: 23,391
North Carolina: 754
Oregon: 148
Pennsylvania: 5,124
Rhode Island: 608
Virginia: 1,171
Washington: 1,061
Wisconsin: 510
Washington, DC: 432

26 Republican states, 24 Democrat (plus heavily Democratic Washington, DC). Roughly half and half, though the GOP states are less populous overall.

29,140 deaths in GOP-controlled states versus 68,367 in Democratic ones.

But...the Population Difference!

Image: YouTube

Yes, there are 16% more people in the Democrat-run states. So what?

149.6 million in Republican-run states vs. 178.4 in Democrat-run states. And yet, there's more than double the number of deaths, 2.3 times greater, in Dem states. And that's including the nominally Republican governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker. The poster boy for RINOs has legislated like Dems on COVID issues (and every other issue conservatives care about). Counting him as a Republican is ludicrous.

Move hyper-liberal Taxachusetts to the Dem column where it belongs (are you even going to argue this with me?), and the numbers are 22,768 vs. 74,739, more than 3X the deaths.

Hence my Massachusetts asterisk in the title.

Word has it, there's money to be made by claiming COVID deaths when filing reports with the federal government. Even toilet-paper-grade USA Today rates this assertion as "True."

The disease isn't a hoax--COVID kills the same as countless diseases. But the numbers behind the panic, the loss of rights, the induced fear--those are drummed up. We'll likely never know how much.

To those who say, "Wow, that's messed up, but Dems aren't actively killing people," I say two thing can be true at once. Dr. Deborah Birx admitted the death count is far too high. Also, NYC Mayor De Blasio kept schools open after many teachers tested positive for COVID-19. NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo sent 4,300 recovering COVID+ people back to nursing homes. Surely that's manslaughter at the very least.

Image via Twitter

COVID deaths are a tale of two cities. Democratic governors have blood on their hands. One can argue a great many factors when assessing blame around this disease, but the numbers, even accounting for manipulation, speak loudest.



Court Anderson

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    Sir Cumference

    Nothing new, every state and city run by DemocRATs is a disaster. The DemocRATs screw up everything they touch.


    Democrats GUILTY of MURDER.


    This was obvious when looking at the daily and weekly stats. Every single state with high death counts is democrat and if you dig into it, the majority of the deaths were in elderly housing. They decided to kill our grandparents to further their agenda. After all the old folks take up tax revenue that could be used to line state pockets.


    This is satire, right? Because even I, who hate the dems as much as the next guy, realized how stupid this statement is.

    […] post SHOCK: Deadly Dem Governors = 3X More Deaths Than GOP States* appeared first on CD […]


    They probably vote Republican more also. Kill two birds with one virus.

    […] Whitmer has been roundly criticized for her decision to send COVID+ patients to nursing homes, one of several Democrat governors to do […]

    […] Whitmer has been roundly criticized for her decision to send COVID+ patients to nursing homes, one of several Democrat governors to do […]

    […] attempt to turn a viral outbreak into a control lever for American liberty, Cuomo’s decision (shared by other Democratic governors) to shunt patients into elderly care facilities created the tsunami of cases responsible for over […]

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