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    Bustling Beaches and Pool Parties Drown Chinavirus Infection Narrative

    May 27, 2020
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    Bustling Beaches and Pool Parties Drown Chinavirus Infection Narrative
    Humans carrying 380 trillion viruses each gather at a swimming hole

    Memorial Day weekend was a blast (from the past) with packed beaches on the coasts and crowded, raucous pool parties all over America. The citizens of the USA were having a ball and paying no head to the CDC "scientists", fascistic governors and hand-wringing #FakeNews journalists who keep on demanding that everyone live in a 6 foot pretend bubble and wear a diaper on their face. It was lousy while it lasted and none of extreme measures the leaders of government, healthcare and industry requested/demanded make sense as the Chinavirus quickly disappears in the rear view mirror, but at least it's over. The only question now is how long it's going to take for the "Karen's" and "Kevorkian's" to walk back all the fear and loathing they've been cramming down America's ears and eyes for the past three months. It's gonna be hard for them to let it go...

    Someone needs to inform Tracy Jan and all of her colleagues at WaPo than no Ozark hillbillies are going to die from the Chinavirus and there's nothing new about this pool party for these people who have been gathering in larger and larger crowds since April 1 when the first "15 day pause" ended. If the #FakeNews reporters like Jan would report the fact that millions of Americans have not been social distancing since Easter Sunday but the Chinavirus death rate is going down everywhere the politicians might admit this truth. If the politicians can speak honestly without the fear of being harassed by a corrupt corporate media they could tell the world that info from the WHO, NIH and CDC was erroneous. None of that's going to happen so the American citizen will have to patiently force the doctors, dictators and dweebs to see, with their own eyes, that everything is going to be fine and there's no legitimate reason to social distance or wear a mask.

    It wasn't just the fun-loving folks in Missouri who failed to live up to the CDC guidelines and those few rule breakers who got caught were shamed. In Houston, Texas bars and clubs were allowed to reopen at 25 percent capacity. Video of a pool party Saturday at Clé Houston, a club in the city's Midtown, shows a crowded pool with little clothing and no masks. Mayor Sylvester Turner (D) warned, "There are too many people that are coming together to some of our clubs, our bars, swimming pool parties, no social distancing, no masks. You are forcing us to step in for public health reasons to say no, we're not going to allow that." The temptation to "step in" and boss people around is a powerful driver for any politician but the people of Houston will soon be demanding that Mayor Turner "step back" when they realize that nobody is getting sick or dying from hanging out at the pool. These people have all been getting together for the past 6 weeks at homes and private gatherings so they're not worried about catching COVID-19 - nor should they be worried.

    The Chinavirus has several different strains and one or two of them are very leathal, especially to elderly people and the infirm. It appears that the deadliest contagions occurred in nursing homes in Democrat controlled states when Governors mandated that nursing homes were seeded with COVID-19 infected patients. One class of people that have little risk of serious injury from the virus is children so why anyone ever canceled school and summer camp is a mystery. On Sunday Trump tweeted “Schools in our country should be opened ASAP." The reason is simple, children don't get sick from Chinavirus and the past 2 months of isolation has been and unnatural and psychologically challenging experience for kids. The scolds hated the tweet, but it is very important for POTUS to state the obvious and get the ball rolling with school reopening. Looking back on our Chinavirus history shows how it all works:

    • Jan/Feb the Chinavirus is spreading in China but the Trump administration is trying to contain it and find a way to ride out the contagion WITHOUT shutting down the country.
    • Feb. 25 Dr. Nancy Messonnier from the CDC announced that Americans "ought to be preparing for significant disruption to our lives.”
    • With the CDC warning the opportunity for litigation became and ominous possibility for any business not declared "essential" and over the next two weeks these business's closed their doors.
    • By March 16 the Trump administration flipped the script on the CDC, Democrats and #FakeNews (also called the Hidden Enemy) by initiating the "15 Day Pause" implementing social distancing for two weeks.
    • By the End of March Trump was talking about opening up the country for Easter Sunday so the Hidden Enemy freaked out and demanded a longer "pause" to bend the curve.
    • On April 1 Trump announced the extension of the "pause" for an additional 30 days.
    • By Mid-April Trump said America was now ready to re-open even though he was only two weeks into a 30 day pause infuriating The Hidden Enemy.
    • By April 24 The Hidden Enemy came to the realization that Trump was going to open the country state-by-state and there would be no way to stop it. This is when the #FakeNews had an mental breakdown and claimed Trump suggested the possibility of an "injection" of disinfectant in a person infected with the Chinavirus.
    • May 1 Georgia is first to open for business and a month later the Chinavirus cases are flat. Why Georgia? Because Atlanta is were the CDC is located and those incompetent doctors need to pay for what they've done to this country.

    The careful observer will see that there is a two week pattern that emerges in which Trump makes a pronouncement leading to great consternation and warnings from The Hidden Enemy. Trump makes a show of "agreeing" with his scientific experts, political opponents and the #FakeNews and then waits an additional 2 weeks to do what he agreed not to do 14 days earlier. It works like a charm and POTUS has used this method of persuasion to move the country from a dead stop in Mid- March to an opening and revived economy in the space of two and a half months. He also convinced Congress to give him $6 Trillion, dropped the Obamagate bomb and turned China into a pariah nation while the country was in a state of emergency.

    Just before the start of Memorial Day Weekend President Trump declared all churches and other houses of worship to be essential business which means that every church in the nation will be open and full in a few weeks. By the time the Summer solstice rolls around on June 21 everyone in America will be swimming, grilling and praying just like they did last year. By Independence Day on July 4 people will be hard pressed to remember what the Chinavirus is or why the country took such a long spring break.



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