• BLM, Antifa And AOC Are 'Moment Supremacists'

    June 2, 2020

    "But in order to be heard, one must have something say. To have that, one must know one's case. One must know it fully, logically, consistently, all the way down to philosophical fundamentals."

    George Floyd Protest, Washington D.C.

    The Democrat party continues to use coercion to ensure their victories. If you haven’t noticed this last week, they’ve never been more open about using physical force to silence democracy. Every evening, the floating heads of legacy media have been capitulating this corruption of democracy by telling their viewers that these violent methods are not only right and just, but there’s something wrong with you if you can’t see “the message” through the smoke of your smoldering apartments, churches and businesses.

    Like their liberal predecessors, one-party states (more widely recognized as communism) corrects their opposition with fear of punishment. Whether this is achieved via uniformed man holding an Eastern Bloc pistol and watching you put your “vote” in the correct ballot box, or the quiet disappearance of political dissenters, fear is the most powerful weapon against freedom and democracy. It has successfully crumbled entire nations.

    The only fact one must know about Antifa and Black Lives Matter is that they have little or nothing to do with police brutality. Everyone who has seen the almost-military organization of masked agitators during the recent riots, from pallets of bricks and flash mobs of looters, briefcases of Molotov cocktails and maneuvering trained police until they are isolated and vulnerable, it is reasonable to believe that skilled professionals and funds are being gifted into the black-gloved hands of these grassroots organizations.

    Scumbag personalities like Chrissy Teigen and Ben Platt (I don't know, either) have donated hand over first to bail out criminals engaged in newspeak-defined protesting, more commonly known as looting and rioting.

    But to the untrained mind and eye, it appears as if these rebellions spontaneously sprang up across over 40 cities at the exact same time in an allied outrage over what's-his-name. And of course, inner city police couldn’t have fostered a more rebellious spirit within the communities they serve if they'd tried.

    Civil disobedience has been rewarded consistently in the United States in the form of Facebook likes and acknowledgement from political celebrities. From the Ferguson riots to the ones that only take brief respites after Election Night 2016, we have been told that it is an American value to use anti-democratic means to achieve the goals of a small minority. And you might get a shoutout from Beyonce if you do.

    Societal norms are created when certain behaviors are consistently rewarded, and even more developed when non-compliance is punished. People have lost their jobs and in some cases their lives for daring to challenge this “new normal.”  

    Perhaps the most obvious of these capitulations comes from Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who after 3 nights of her own city on fire, brazenly listed off demands, which coincidentally were also found within her Green New Deal, on behalf of the marauders pillaging New York City. 


    More importantly, she hasn’t been laughed out of office for it. An alarming portion of this nation just accepts the demands of those using terrorism tactics. Not only that, they are willing to fight for these demands themselves! 

    The DNC establishment has never been more similar to the communist front of the 1930s. Both utilize legitimate issues like police brutality or wealth inequality, but do so ambiguously, to mindfuck the masses of this nation into total submission. Radical sects can hide under the umbrella coverage of socialist (now mainstream Democrat) platform issues, and although they do use fear and intimidation, AOC’s angelic face makes even the most staunch Republican listen longer than they should. 

    It’s always changes they’re after. What exact changes, we remain not quite sure. Just know that something must change. An entire presidential campaign was won because of this vague verb. Community organizers are a dime a dozen, but what are they organizing? Minorities? Low-income people? Those they just deem deprived of something

    No answers, but it doesn’t matter. The entire ideology of the modern liberal is no more than an anti-ideology. They are anti-anything that supports conservative values whether that is the social-services the church provides or the bigotry of a functioning two-parent home. They militantly oppose anything that can be defined as a societal system, regardless of its efficiency, like private markets that reward innovation and ingenuity...by associating such ideas with greed. The only tentpole they can gather around is “smashing the system”. Their only commitment is to anarchy. 

    An entire generation of young adults have learned that they are what actions they take, record and post, not what they think. They rally mindlessly over trending issues but reject all philosophies. They aren’t building a society that has any long term longevity, rather they are moment-supremacists with a responsibility to action with no forethought. 

    Democrats reject democracy because their ideas, or lack of which, do not survive there. How many of these BLM protestors attend a local town hall meeting? How many lend their support to local politicians for their vision and not for the letter next to their name? How many have honestly tried Democratic methods to enact their elusive change?

    It’s no easy task to garner support for yourself and your ideas and subsequently mobilize a community to exercise their vote for you. It’s much less difficult for them to pay lip service to the cause-of-the-week while collecting checks from the social safety net they fantasize will last forever.

    Unfortunately, protests are sexy. The clickbait-obsessed culture shows up for those, not town hall meetings or mid-term elections.

    Patriots, you are needed to defend our Republic. George Floyd’s death shocked us all, but that is no reason to allow action to be taken against your countrymen just because the Democrats' broken clock finally coincided with the current moment. Our society depends on its members' participation.

    Our Framers gave us the means.


    Taylor Day

    Taylor Day lives in New England where she enjoys being an outspoken anti-SJW, firearm enthusiast and writer. Her previous publications include The New York Times, U.S. Catholic and American Thinker with appearances on MSNBC and LocknLoad Radio.
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    Keith Smith

    She's a complete idiot and is all for this right up until it is her stuff being stolen, burned up etc. Hypocrites, the lot of them. Middle America is watching and is going to stand and vote this november to remove all these scumbags like we have never seen before.


    The Communist neh Fascists has no support at all in Free America. George Soros, should have been arrested as a National Security Threat a long time ago. He show up in Hungary they will hang his Ass. His 187 groups of paid Subversives and terrorists should be arrested right now.
    There is every reason not to delay signing the Insurrection Act.

    Rod Hackenflasch

    AOC Peaceful Protest Pocket Guide -

    1. be careful when throw malotov cocktails
    2. put cardbored under cloths for ruber bulets
    5. wear mask to stop coronervirus
    3. when torching cop car, stand back
    7. when looting be careful of store glas
    4. sear sneekers if you have to run
    6. if you catch on fire put water on it


    America needs to be reminded that in every single case that spawned the cancer that is black lives matter, every single "victim" had a criminal history!!! These "victims" are being canonized by the MSM!! To my fellow Americans on the left - I suggest you go out and buy a new brain; the one you have now is broken!!!

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