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    Millions Of Jobs Return, Rose Garden Rally...The Left Replies With BLM "Art," #Babygate, #YouAboutToLoseYoJob

    June 5, 2020
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    Today was a good day for America. The stock market surged on an unprecedented jobs number, a miss of 11.5 million by Wall Street analysts. From a projected -9 million to +2.5 million? After a long week of rioting and looting over an increasingly suspicious murder, the nation's spirits were buoyed by the data.

    Well, most of America. Leftists everywhere got busy putting a damper on things. The Mayor of Washington, DC approved a "Black Lives Matter" street sign yesterday, it was painted under cover of darkness, and unveiled this morning.

    The stretch of road, 16th St. NW, has been renamed "Black Lives Matter Way". Perhaps there will be an "Antifa Plaza" in the coming months.

    The next jab from the left came in the form of a song captured on video. The jiggling tunemaker had been detained during a protest over the death of George Floyd, and while awaiting processing, she started to sing to the officer holding her arm, "You about to lose yo job...because you are detaining me for nothing."

    Remixes of the ditty soon flooded Twitter.

    Perhaps the most noteworthy part of the dance accompanying the song is the unfortunate choice of a lycra crop top and yoga pants. The officer, stoic through most of the performance, cracks a smile at the midpoint.

    And that's a salient point. Conservatives can have a laugh at this moment. The little rap is catchy. Dancing while under arrest? She's showing some spirit, which is more than can be said of the dour, pouty faces of some first-time protesters.

    In what could have been a moment of levity in the fog of this lockdown, social media users on the left tied the song's message to President Trump and the pending election, to no one's surprise.

    Last and least, 90,000 people tweeted about #babygate, a reference to 1.7 miles of chainlink fence erected around the White House perimeter today, providing further security for the president and White House staff and security during the turbulent "protests."

    The manifold purpose of the gate is obvious: it provides a barrier for security personnel to stand behind, creating a moat effect between the chainlink fence and the main wrought-iron gate. It prevents vandals from harming or defacing the permanent gate, and it is an extra barrier for anyone unwise enough to attempt to gain access to the grounds.

    These are the lengths the left will go to when attempting to spoil a good day for America. Protests continue around the nation despite the fact that all four officers involved are being held in prison under the highest prosecutable charges.

    The weather is getting hotter, no trial date has been announced. Trump isn't the only one who wants extra security.



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