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    Zero COVID Deaths in NYC on July 4th! MSM Ignores Milestone...

    July 6, 2020
    Image: YouTube

    Once the global hotspot for COVID-19, New York City recorded zero deaths from the virus on Independence Day, for the first time since March 13th. Given the latest criteria for what constitutes a COVID death, the true first zero-death day likely occurred prior to that date, but as far as bureaucrats at NYC Health are concerned, it happened on the Fourth.

    Via nyc.gov

    Mainstream media has ignored this historic day, choosing to focus on a spike in new cases nationally. True, positive cases are up 134% based on a 7-day moving average from Johns Hopkins University. During that time, deaths are down 39%.

    What can we extrapolate from this data? For one, the conservative outrage over Democratic governors sending COVID+ patients to nursing homes resulted in the eradication of that murderously illogical policy. So the wildfire that burned for so long in senior care facilities has been put out.

    Younger patients are catching the virus as lockdowns ease across parts of the country. They are far, far less likely to die, especially when contrasted with vulnerable seniors in nursing homes. A 9% increase in US testing also contributes to a higher total of cases.

    Muddying the waters unnecessarily, Dr. Anthony Fauci has reversed course again, earning the moniker "flip-flop Fauci". A second wave may come, it might not, he claimed on Thursday, and masks are mostly symbolic, worn as a show of "respect."


    Don't fall for the "we have to wait two weeks to see about deaths" line, either. New cases had already surged dramatically two weeks ago. By June 24th, new daily cases far surpassed anything we saw during the first wave. Even by the standards of doomsayers, we should be seeing a national uptick in deaths right now. That hasn't happened. It's time to move forward.

    Congratulations, New York City.



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