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Biden Plans To Go After Trump On Economy

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After many on the left have continually insisted the economy shut down in response to Coronavirus, VP Joe Biden is using the opening to attack President Trump on one of his main accomplishments in his first term.  While President Trump led the nation through record unemployment, job numbers, and stock market numbers for much of his term, he seemed like he was on his way to an easy reelection, no matter who the candidate was from the left.  Now, because of the economic devastation which was the result of the government forcing businesses, schools, and almost every part of American life to shut down, while spending trillions of dollars for economic stimulus bills, Biden has a chance to hit Trump on the reason he won in 2016.

VP Biden is speaking in his hometown in Delaware today where campaign aides say he will unveil his plan for a clean green economy.  He also took a a page out of Trump’s book, with a plan to talk about buying American, and bringing jobs back to the United States.  Trump has already called out Biden for copying many of his campaign promises, but the “Buy American” jobs plan which Biden unveiled last week mirrors Trump’s “America First,” initiative in so many ways, as it focuses on reviving the economy in manufacturing, and the only difference being clean energy. 

At an event at a manufacturing plant in Dumore, Pennsylvania last week, Biden tried to paint Trump as a wealthy elite, stating that he cares more about Wall Street and the Stock Market than everyday Americans.  Biden said, “If I am fortunate enough to be elected president, I’ll be laser-focused on middle-class families, the working-class families like where I came from in Scranton,” which is where he was born in Pennsylvania. 

As reports come in that President Trump’s campaign is fishtailing, Biden is trying to redefine and refine his campaign message to what voters mostly always care about: how the president will help them economically.  This has been an uphill climb for the Democratic Party, and Biden is trying to remake their image as a party which will help everyday Americans instead of the wealthy donors.

Why this matters:  As theories sprout up across the US about the Coronavirus being used as a weapon to beat Trump, the latest campaign strategy will just reignite the thesis that Democrats knew they couldn’t beat Trump on the economy, so they forced a government shutdown to force a downward spiral.  We can expect this to be a new focus, most likely from Trump, after Biden speaks today. 

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