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    Scandal: COVID+ Numbers Proven Fake In Florida...100% Positive Test Rate

    July 14, 2020

    Are COVID cases spiking to record levels in virus hotspot Florida? In short, no.

    As reported by a Fox News affiliate in Orlando, "countless" clinics in Florida have reported a COVID-positive test rate of 90-100%. When questioned by Fox reporters, one clinic--Orlando Health--claimed "errors" had been made, and reported the true numbers, roughly one tenth of the reported rate, from 98% to 9.4%.

    Amy Kaufeldt, an anchor with Fox 35 in Orlando, reports that the clinics in question claim to have reported the test rates correctly, but that the numbers were changed at the state level, by the Florida Dept. of Health.

    Is this an isolated instance of corrupt bureaucratic meddling, an honest mistake, or a hint of widespread manipulation? Time will tell. It's not the first time Florida has been plagued with false reporting of COVID-19 data.

    Further, keep in mind that the Republican National Convention is slated to be held in Jacksonville, Florida.

    Read more here.

    Congratulations to reporter Robert Guaderrama with Fox 35 in Orlando.



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    I thought that crazy liber who was messing with the numbers got fired a few months ago!

    […] Scandal: COVID+ Numbers Proven Fake In Florida…100% Positive Test Rate […]


    Here are a couple of relevant facts. All major news sources in Florida are part of the Democratic Party propaganda machine. The newspapers are part of the NY Times/Wash Post chain, and the TV stations and websites are part of the NBC/ABC/CBS and sometimes Fox chain. If you recall, Governor DeSantis was President Trump's choice and he defeated Andrew Gillum, the black Democratic Party candidate. So the media propaganda machine in Florida, as the national machine has done with President Trump, tries to place all blame for any problem with the Wuhan virus directly in the lap of Governor DeSantis.


    The COVID-19 hoax BS is all about "getting" Trump in November, while also making billions of dollars worldwide for Big Pharma from manditory (expensive) innoculations.


    LOL! I've been assuming they were fake because authorities all over the country have been caught faking the numbers all along.


    The real danger to America is not from COVID 19, it is from BIDEN 20!


    Desantis needs to go after the Florida Heath Board. Investigate, incriminate,

    Everett Miller

    So, AG Barr, what are you going to do about this? Maybe Lindsey Graham can threaten to hold "hearings" on the testing scandal, that'll fix it.

    Jeff Davidson

    I am 66 and have asthma and high blood pressure. I had minor symptoms and tested positive about 3 weeks ago. It was a very mild problem for me. I live in sw fl. Since tested neg. going in next week to donate plasma to hopefully help others. And yes Max 42 is correct. I live in a very conservative area (collier County) but our local news paper is not local any longer and is liberal and thinks they are subtle enough so we are now aware.


    Like I've said over and over - the dems/libs/leftists have no critical thinking skills! For any conservatives who fell for this BS, you're in the same boat with them!!


    Noting that the tables mix positive PCR tests with positive antigen laboratory results. This means current cases and folks that might have had a case a while back that was so mild or a-symptomatic that they never even knew they were sick!! And looking at the younger ages, many college students need too have a test before returning to university, so they might come out positive on the results, but not be sick. In addition, many folks who delayed elective surgery or treatment b/c they were afraid to come to the hospital are now turning up for other reasons, but if testing positive, are now being counted as POSitive cases, although in reality they might be a patient with CV19 (possibly asymptomatic, or if antibody case, had it months ago) but are not in the hospital DUE to CV19.

    So it is not really a CV19 CRISIS, deaths are still pretty low for the state. MSM is just making a big deal for political reasns...

    […] minulý týden, na Floridě vypukl další skandál. Testovali a testovali a 100% všech testovaných mělo koronavirus. To […]

    […] minulý týden, na Floridě vypukl další skandál. Testovali a testovali a 100% všech testovaných mělo koronavirus. To […]


    this is the same crap tactic they used on PDT. In some places the labs are deliberately amping the samples 40 times or more. Even the crooks at CDC and WHO came out (after Biden's elevation) to say that a MAX of 33 amps is all you can legitimately use. Over that you are guaranteed to "find" a positive.

    It appears that the labs in FL are not cooperating in crucifying the governor so they got the Health Department people to do it. People need to be wearing orange over all the criminal number fiddling that went on causing the tyrants to destroy the country with ineffective lockdowns and useless masks.


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