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    Media Cringe: Fauci Unmasked, Portland Exposed, Chicago Parties While US Suffers

    July 24, 2020
    Unmasked ball in Chicago. Image via Twitter

    Mainstream media--including increasingly chickenhearted Fox News--showed their true colors in the past 24 hours in three distinct storylines. The sheer amount of lefty spin and straight-faced apologia for COVID hypocrites and BLM/Antifa terrorists was breathtaking to behold.

    Dr. "Wild Fling" Fauci Shuns Mask

    Dr. Anthony Fauci threw the ceremonial first pitch at the Washington Nationals-New York Yankees first game. Perhaps "pitch" is a generous description. It looked as though he tried to shot-put the ball, which flew diagonally and landed in the infield grass a good 15 feet from the catcher.

    The pitch, rivaled only by rapper 50 Cent's errant toss in 2014, was the cause for much chuckling among conservatives. "About as accurate as his coronavirus advice" was the most common observation on social media. The laughs turned to scowls when viewers realized that Fauci flaunted CDC face mask and social distancing guidelines in the stands.

    Not only did Fauci get to stay and watch the game, he brought his wife, Dr. Christina Grady, and a "very close friend" (name not disclosed). To sum up: while no mass gatherings are allowed in many parts of the country, and US citizens are urged--or required--to wear masks and maintain distance, Fauci takes his wife and buddy to the season opener and the three sit elbow to elbow, often without masks.

    Mayor Beetlejuice Block Party

    Exhibit two: Chicago. Much like in New York City, where mass gatherings are not allowed--except for Black Lives Matter rallies--thousands gathered to protest revel in the streets near Mayor Lori Lightfoot's mansion. Those gathered for the so-called "Logan Square Lockdown" sang chants of "defund the CPD". Hours earlier, Lightfoot had agreed to stop fighting President Trump's order for federal police to control rioting and anti-police violence in the city.

    As several Twitter users sadly noted, droves of Americans have recently attended "virtual funerals" for loved ones. This kind of mass gathering, with casual to no regard for guidelines to prohibit the spread of the virus, is a punch to the gut, especially for mourners.

    Democrats In Denial: You Can't Show the Truth On TV!

    For the media outlets who bothered to show Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany's briefing today, all but OANN pulled away during, or just after, a video montage shown on screens flanking her on either side.

    What shocked them so?

    "I hope someone kills your whole fucking family. I hope they kill you too. I hope someone burns down your whole precinct with all of y'all inside. Can't wait to see it!"

    --Portland protester, to police officers

    Scenes like those depicted are not surprising to anyone who has followed the Portland riots over the past two months. Rioters starting fires, hurling rocks and insults at police--this is old hat. Still, even Fox News cut away to Harris Faulkner, who mumbled an apology for the "language" used in the video.

    Mind you, the swear words were bleeped out. What upset Faulkner, and indeed mass media at large, were the hurtful words and actions of the rioters. "I hope someone kills your whole fucking family. I hope they kill you too. I hope someone burns down your whole precinct with all of y'all inside. Can't wait to see it," says one protester, shepherded by silent officers.

    She says it gleefully, with a smile on her (unmasked) face. Hers is the face of the new left, exposed, and clearly naming the evil impetus behind this nationwide movement. BLM was never about justice, but bloodthirsty Marxism in sheep's clothing.

    How fitting that her shirt reads, "Wolf Gang."



    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    That Dr. Fauci, DID throw out a BAD PITCH was laughable...what was NOT, was that the Hypocrite who says WE must wear masks, WAS sitting close to the other two people WITHOUT MASKS. He of course has been "all over the map, when it comes to his 'scientific, medical advice to America....He contradicts himself....then when called out, 'says that things change rapidly....o k a y ! Still being a hypocrite imo, and I worry that HE is joining forces with Bill/Melinda Gates to "Become the World's Medicine Chest" and RUSHING to get THEIR Vaccine to market-which could be worth trillions!!!!" Too many things said for US to do, but NOT FOR THEE???

    btw: When did Bill Gates become a Doctor? WHY does HE get a national forum to say what WE SHOULD DO AS AMERICANS? EX: WE MAY HAVE TO HAVE MULTIPLE VACCINES GIVEN TO PEOPLE.....REALLY- YOU AND MELINDA FIRST GATES!!!!

    jack johnson

    Wonder if the families that had someone die due to Fauci`s incompetent advice thinks it`s appropriate for him to throw out a "first pitch". Fauci is a total fraud, he is ruining people`s lives and he wonders why he is getting death threats. The topper was when he said other states should be like New York.


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