• Re-establishing America’s First Principle

    July 16, 2020

    Re-establishing America’s First Principle

    By Ryan Rhodes, conservative GOP consultant and co-founder of RepublicanAds.com

    Last month Joe Biden launched an attack on America and the 1st Amendment. He sent Facebook a petition demanding they take down “false information” to ensure the integrity of the election. Though cloaked in doublespeak;by false information he meant anything he disagrees with; and by “ensure the integrity of our election”, he meant rigging the election for him.

    It is anathema to him that Facebook “continues to allow Donald Trump to say anything”. But why should a private company be the arbiter of truth? Because, for Biden and his cohorts, it is an attack on their thought supremacy:he who controls these platforms, controls the future. 

    I know what it’s like to be on the wrong side of Biden’s history. In 2011, I was labelled a terrorist – along with all tea party members – merely for believing that minimal state intervention and smaller government is a good thing. Biden doesn’t like that view, and so in his eyes that makes me a terrorist. The reality is, to any reasonable ear, the only extremist is the former vice president.

    His latest Facebook antic is indicative of the times we occupy: a “mainstream” media beholden to aliberal catechism, social media giants de-platforming conservative views - and an education system that churns out legions of indoctrinated leftist drones.

    The space for Republican views is fast being closed down.Now defying recognition, the socialist liberalism of today has strayed far beyond the principles of classical liberalism.Their sights are now set on destroying one of the latter’s cardinal beliefs: that the free exchange of ideas is good for society.

    Also last month, a New York Times opinion editor was purged for the faux paus of publishing a different opinion. Rather than the relentlessly absurd babble that passes for insight, the paper published an op-ed by Republican Senator Tom Cotton calling for military assistance to deal with the rioters amongst the protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death. Simply through allowing this opinion, let alone endorsing it, the editor became an enemy of the people. The guillotine swiftly followed. 

    How did America arrive at this wasteland? For hyper-liberals, the free exchange of ideas could derail a future they have divined. It is too dangerous to allow the unwashed masses free thought – otherwise known as the electorate or as Hillary would say “deplorables” – to make up their own minds. They must instead be fed a strict diet of liberal orthodoxy. Since the left has seized control of“mainstream” media and groomedSilicon Valley, they control the oxygen.

    So how do we return to the shining city?We must organize; we must take back control of the present, we must preserve the right of conservatives to speak freely to the American people. That’s why we’ve launched  a new free speech digital campaigning platform – RepublicanAds.com -to enable conservative candidates speak directly to voters. 

    No longer will Republicans be forced to rely on Silicon Valley monopolies like Facebook, Google and Twitter or “fake news” press barons to get our message to those that want to hear it.Anyone can use our self-service digital advertising platform to deliver campaign messages directly to voters. Most importantly, and unlike other platforms, it isn’t going to censor your message. 

    It comes at the eleventh hour. My adult life has been spent in political campaigns building grassroots movements. Yet in the midst of COVID-19, that critical act of meeting and mobilizing has been suppressed. Fears of the Chinese Wuhan Virusare diminishing the power of rallying, a long-established strength of the GOP where President Donald Trump holds blow away Former-Vice President Joe Biden.No longer are we able to take the message directly to the voters at their doorstep. The traditional tools of campaigning are corroding before us.

    Equally important, the left is controlling the front lines of digital warfare with electioneering’s new tools. Armies of social-justice keyboard warriors amplify messages without fact or due process at will, squeezing the space for rational debate.Machinations of Silicon Valley friends ensure messages are screened for expressions of false conscience, lest they tap into what others – for right or wrong – believe.

    The marketplace of ideas has become a monopoly and it is damaging our nation. The ideas are out there, but they can’t get to market.We conservatives therefore need to be the disruptors establishing new infrastructure. That’s why we built RepublicanAds.com. With this, and the new modern trust-busting spirit of Teddy Roosevelt, we can break up the information markets. 

    If we do not, we face political monotheism – a hyper liberal theocracy. The question will change from whether you are devout, to how devout you are. What we need is more questioning of monopolistic orthodoxy.

    So, will you help take the fight to them?

    Conservatives can no longer afford to allow unrepresentative cliques to ride rough shod over the principles that have delivered liberty and prosperity for generations. America is founded on ideas. Stray from them and the republic’s future is thrown into doubt.


    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    […] Re-establishing America’s First Principle […]

    […] Re-establishing America’s First Principle […]

    […] Re-establishing America’s First Principle […]

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