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    Trump: Biden's Following Radical Left Agenda

    August 6, 2020

    President Trump came out swinging today against his Democrat opponent, Joe Biden.  Biden, who is positioning himself as better equipped to handle the coronavirus on a national scale, has revealed some of his economic plans.  Most of the plans, however, include a dramatic increase of Americans' taxes, and undoing Trump’s tax cuts completely. 

    And as the nation’s economy struggles to recover, President Trump said if Biden is elected into office, the markets will crash. Trump said, “he’s going to do things no one ever thought was possible because he’s following the radical left’s agenda: take away your guns, take away your Second Amendment. No religion, no anything.  Hurt the Bible. Hurt God. He’s against God. He’s against guns. He’s against energy, our kind of energy.”

    While Trump was in Ohio, Joe Biden pushed his manufacturing plan to create jobs in the United States, called “Made In All Of America.”  Biden wrote on his campaign website, “If we make smart investments in manufacturing and technology, give our workers and companies the tools they need to compete, use taxpayer dollars to buy American and spark American innovation, stand up to the Chinese government’s abuses, insist on fair trade, and extend opportunity to all Americans, many of the products that are being made abroad could be made here today.” Biden said that even before coronavirus shut the economy down, Trump failed to bring back US manufacturing jobs and his policies “crushed” the manufacturing sector.  

    Trump, however, is quickly jumping to his own defense, and spoke about Joe Biden’s record under the Obama administration.  Speaking in Clyde, Ohio, Trump spoke at a Whirlpool Corporation manufacturing facility about how in 2016, he first spoke about his Americas First Trade Policy. Trump said “we produced more than I promised,” and that he’s one politician who actually does that. Trump said he defended American jobs, and will continue to do so in his second term as president.  

    Why this matters: The economy, especially after the shutdown, is on the way to serious trouble.  Economists are warning of a recession, and Americans are nervous.  Both Biden and Trump are going to have to focus on this issue and their plan to turn the economy around in key states like Ohio, and how effective they are will be the key to who wins in November.  Biden has been criticized by the Trump campaign for plagiarizing his “America First” agenda.  The Democratic candidate clearly understands Trump’s campaign promise, and as Trump was campaigning, did his best to present a similar plan.



    CDM Staff

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