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    Sanders Warns Biden After Election Victory: “We’re Going To Have A Serious Debate”

    August 21, 2020
    Image by Gage Skidmore

    While Democrats are coming together to elect Joe Biden, democratic socialist Senator Bernie Sanders made it clear the same type of unity won’t happen after November 3rd.  Sanders, who was the frontrunner for most of the primary before South Carolina, and who has a strong grassroots coalition, wants it to be known that the real battle will come after the victory.  

    In an interview with Trevor Noah, Sanders said, “We’re going to come together to defeat Trump. And the day after Biden is elected, we’re going to have a serious debate about the future of the country, but it will be done within the framework of a democratic society.”

    Sanders said that a “united front” has formed in their opposition against Trump, and called it “coalition politics.” Biden, who is campaigning now as a moderate, is trying his best to also paint his running mate the same way.  The Democratic ticket knows if they want to win in November, they’re going to have to drop most of the far-left’s agenda before people vote.  But Sanders has made it clear, the far-left is not going away. 

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who delivered Sander’s acceptance speech (because he won 300 delegates), made sure to set up the framework of a “coalition and a movement,” but then shocked viewers when she championed Bernie Sanders.  While this was within Convention rules, the way she delivered her speech left heads spinning, and it was noticeable she made no mention of Joe Biden.  

    Progressives are relying on Biden’s win to put some of their key figures in positions of power. Reports are surfacing that Senator Warren, another progressive, wants to be Treasury Secretary.  These bids come with Biden’s “moderate” approach, which include massive tax hikes, and fundamentally destroying the energy industry in the United States.  Furthermore, far-left leaders are calling to totally defund the police, and other measures to erase what they call “systemic racism” in the United States.  Republican leaders, like Mike Pence, have noted that not one speaker at the Democratic National Convention brought up the destruction, rioting, and looting that is happening in many American cities.  As cities like New York see an increase in violence and crime, this topic will be one of Trump’s crucial campaign differences form Biden, and an issue that will most likely cause many voters to head to the polls. 



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    […] Sanders Warns Biden After Election Victory: “We’re Going To Have A Serious Debate” […]

    Only Jesus

    Bernie should do more to reign in his Antifa chimps; & he has already earned the death penalty.


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