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Will Trump-Biden Race Reshape Minority Voting? Some Data Suggest Yes

Will Trump-Biden race reshape minority voting? Some data suggest yes
President Donald Trump and Kanye West 2018-10-11

When then-candidate Donald Trump carried his 2016 party banner, some Republicans worried he could become a Barry Goldwater 2.0 on the issue of race and Hispanics. Goldwater obliterated GOP relations with African-American voters, and some worried Trump might destroy relations with Latinos.

African-American support of the GOP was a solid 39 percent in 1956 and 32 percent in 1960. But after opposing the Civil Rights Act, Republican nominee Goldwater garnered a mere 6 percent, and black support fell to single digits or low teens ever since. 

Yet despite mainstream media predictions to the contrary, Trump actually beat predecessor John McCain’s 2008 bid among black voters in 2008 and Mitt Romney’s 2012 effort among Latino voters. McCain earned 4% of the black vote to Trump’s 6%Romney earned 27% of the Latino vote to Trump’s 28% (Romney tied Trump’s 6% of the black vote)…

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