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    Trump Prepared To Fund His Own Campaign

    September 8, 2020
    Image by Michael Candelori

    In 2016, President Trump captured the heart of his core supporters by putting his money where his mouth was, literally. Trump spent millions of his own money on his campaign, showing the American people that he was willing to spend in order to help them. That was a major part of his campaign speeches, as the businessman turned politician had some solid proof that he wouldn’t be beholden to outside groups, and that he was willing to sacrifice major dollars to “drain the swam.”

    And as the campaigns head into their final stretch, President Trump is ready to do it again. On twitter, he wrote, “Because of the China Virus my Campaign, which has raised a lot of money, was forced to spend in order to counter the Fake News reporting about the way we handled it (China Ban, etc.). We did, and are doing, a GREAT job, and have a lot of money left over, much more than 2016…Like I did in the 2016 Primaries, if more money is needed, which I doubt it will be, I will put it up!”

    Trump’s statement comes after stories arose about campaign financing trouble. In 2016, Trump spend around $60 million on his campaign. On his way to campaign in Florida and North Carolina, Trump told reporters he would spend however much was needed, saying, “Whatever it takes, we have to win.”

    Rumors of a cash issue have come after the Biden-Harris campaign announced they raised $365 million in August, and while Biden has increased his campaign TV ads, Trump has taken his off the air. The Republicans haven’t released their campaign number for August yet, so if Trump is behind, it is just speculation at this point. Bloomberg News reported that Trump is prepared to spend $100 million of his own money if needed.



    CDM Staff

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    Michael Day

    Potus Trump If you bother to read this or your staff finally gets around to reading criticism and letting you read the truth from a American who supports what you say but will never again send money ,I worked to elect a Rough Rider aka Theodore Roosevelt
    And you talk the talk but your walk is towards the fools on your staff who bend liberal at best at worse their are part of the problem .
    An the Problem is you give fifty petty DICKtaters the ability to deem themself TYRANTS TO shut down the country because you forgot our history an Our Republic never SHUTS DOWN
    And than you have doubled down on stupid by not seeing that the MASK NAZIS used to to set i n motion the MARK OF THE BEAST
    Here in Commiefornia you cannot buy or sell without the MASK and you still do not understand you have set in motion EVIL by your poor choice on advisors and last but not least you should have gone to the mattress on not funding the killing of Unborn Americans
    Our Republic is not a democracy it is The REPUBLIC Of The United STATES
    Our Republic is at WAR and if you get your head out of your very stable genius ass and go ahead and declare antifa an BLM as what they are EVIL and all resources of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT will be used to bring them to justice for the INSURRECTION they are WE ALL MAY FIND AGAIN THE PEACEFUL TRANSFER OF POWER but you are to late i am afraid for WE THE PEOPLE can see an hear they mean to go to the mattress’s to bring Communist type evil to my USA.
    MR TRUMP the donkey bandits are in the open to see the destruction of the Republic do not take my word for it THEY SAY IT OUT LOUD
    Listen to what they say .


    I didn't read anything after "I worked to elect a Rough Rider aka Theodore Roosevelt". Get your doctor to increase the dosage on your meds!

    rickey ricardo

    In response to Michael Day, You are a delusional idiot. The choices are binary, meaning on /off, black, or white, yes, or no. It's either Trump and all things Republican, or Biden and Democrats (spit). Take a cold shower. Try to clear your head. And make up your mind, such as it is.


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