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Lin Wood: “This Country Is Under Attack”

The Left Has Been Working With Communist China For Decades...Think About It

Top attorney Lin Wood spoke at a rally in Georgia on Saturday about why he joined the Trump team in its fight against Democrat, Big Media and Big Tech lies and attempts to steal the election for Joe Biden. He was outstanding.

Wood began his speech on why he was joining the Trump team with this:

 was sitting around Tuesday night watching the election returns, I’ve loved politics all my life, since I first voted in 1972.  And I saw what I assumed was going to happen.  I saw President Trump building up what I believed was going to be almost an historic landslide victory.  Then all the sudden every network, including FOX News, started doing what they do best – they started lying to the American public.  And they took a victory from Donald Trump and they called it a lie.  They took a defeat from Joe Biden and lied and said he won.  And they sent you to bed, turning off the count of the vote so you could wake up the next morning like I did and go ‘What happened?’

To read more visit The Gateway Pundit.

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