• Citizen Group Urges States To Audit Vote Before Certification Of Electors

    December 3, 2020

    Launches Nationwide Fundraising Appeal to Run Targeted TV and Radio Advertisements in AZ, MI, WI, PA, GA, NV

    Group Urges States To Audit Vote Before Certification Of Electors
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    A newly formed group of American experts from a wide-range of relevant domains  concerned for electoral integrity are banding together to ensure that the votes on November 3rd are counted fairly, transparently, and accurately. 

    The group previously filed to petitions at Change.org but they were twice taken down.

    The new entity is pressuring battleground state legislatures to audit the vote from the 2020 general election via old-fashioned grassroots campaigning.  Additionally, the group is fundraising and hopes to run television and radio ads in targeted states. They have set up a website www.citizensforfairelections.org where individuals can join the effort and make donations. 

    Legislative action is critical to creating a window of time necessary to reveal, quantify and correct the wide-spread irregularities, which have been thoroughly outlined in legislative hearings in multiple battleground states. 

    It is critical for patriots to contact their representatives to force this action. 

    Today’s press release from the growing movement is below…



    Effort to Include Grassroots Advocacy, Television and Radio Advertising in AZ, PA, GA, NV, WI, MI

    WASHINGTON, DC, December 3, 2020 – Citing thousands of irregularities and allegations of voter fraud from this past election, a new organization named Citizens for Fair Elections unveiled a targeted campaign today that urges local legislators to hold hearings, hear the evidence, and then determine how they want to deliver electors.  The campaign, which plans to include a robust television and radio advertising component, will target lawmakers in AZ, GA, WI, PA, and NV.  They have set up a website www.CitizensForFairElections.org where supporters can make individual donations.

    Citizens for Fair Elections is a non-partisan, nationwide network of experts and leaders committed to fighting for electoral justice and protecting elections by researching, investigating, and exposing instances of public corruption, fraud, malfeasance, errors and incompetence.  Recognizing the potential of issues ahead of this election, the organization’s founder pulled together the needed cross-section of experts.  The group works to support both judicial and legislative efforts.

    “Bottom line, the citizens are losing faith in our election system.  Meaning, the election results may no longer be based on the actual votes of the people.  Whether its fake ballots injected into the tally, or real ballots removed, or an insecure computer voter system producing errors, the integrity of the system that we are supposed to trust is being corrupted,” said Nate Cain, FBI whistleblower and spokesperson for the organization.

    Plan of Action. At this moment, the state-by-state vote totals likely include millions of votes with no ballot auditability or traceability because counties failed to follow long standing processes for determining if ballots were legal prior to their tally.  The good news is that in many instances we can review the information at county election offices to create a more accurate count where we have more confidence that the ballots counted are legal ballots.  We must insist on a mechanical, non-digital count and audit of the election.

    The organization’s current focus includes:

    • Compliance of election process, machines and software with long standing Federal and state Law;
    • Verification that voters who voted were registered to vote in the jurisdiction that they voted in;
    • Forensic auditing of election data, and computer voting equipment;
    • Other investigations as we identify important issues that may arise.

    The Post-2020 Election Landscape. The Brennan Center for Justice estimates that during the 2016 general election, some 20% of registered Americans voted without leaving any voter-verified paper ballot or record.  In its “recommendations to address vulnerabilities in U.S. election security,” the Left-Leaning Center for American Progress (CAP), run by Neera Tanden, recommended elected officials “require voter-verifiable paper ballots or records for every vote cast,” and that states “conduct robust post-election audits, which can verify that the outcomes are correct.”  We agree that (i) 100% of election machines should create voter-verifiable paper ballots, and (ii) that we should conduct a manual recount of legal ballots cast in the 2020 General election.

    “Any observer concerned with allegations of voter fraud during the 2016 general election would be mortified by what has occurred in 2020,” said Cain.  “No state audits, even with irregularities reported in multiple states nationwide.   Most importantly, perhaps millions of ballots were cast and tallied as legal without following long standing legal processes.”

    2020 – How Bad Actors Took Advantage of the COVID Pandemic to Interfere with the Election

    According to a bipartisan commission led by James Baker and former President Jimmy Carter, “voting by mail creates increased logistical challenges and the potential for vote fraud, especially if safeguards are lacking or when candidates or political party activists are allowed to handle mail-in or absentee ballots.”  The difference between mail-in ballots and traditional absentee ballots is that absentee ballots’ have gone through an extensive process to insure that they are legal.

    When COVID hit America, many politicians pounced.  They went to work quickly to take advantage of the pandemic, using it as an excuse to jettison approved state election laws as a way to allow for more mail-in ballots.  But most legislatures, in a state of COVID panic, approved the use of mail-in ballots, irrespective of their potential vote fraud.

    Steps to Ensure Integrity of 2020 Election

    • Identify legal and illegal ballots (both paper and electronic ballots);
    • Manually recount all legal ballots, as mandated by some courts;
    • Publish results in a transparent manner for all to see and review.

    Steps to Ensure Integrity of Elections Going Forward

    • Move immediately back to paper ballots and mechanical tally,
    • Make Election Day a National Holiday in national election years.


    CONTACT: 646-251-1534


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    This is definitely a good cause, but the Democrats and the Swamp will simply refuse the group's requests. There aren't going to be any more recounts let alone audits. And when they do a recount they just re-count the fake and invalid ballots. And when they agree to an audit they just do the aforementioned recount and call it an audit. The evidence is being destroyed as these games play out in court. Mail-in envelopes are gone...machines are reset...thumb drives are destroyed. I mean...we know darned well the Democrats stole the election, but it looks like they'll get away with it anyway.


    Get your American flag out people!

    The United States General Election, 03 November 2020, last, is a disgrace and public disaster of TOTAL VOTER FRAUD of Historic Proportions due to the Dominion/Smartmatic, et alii, personnel, equipment and operational programs.

    This attempted Act of Treason, perpetrated via the aforesaid, et alii: being adherents of Marxism, Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Progressivism and/or variants and/or combinations thereof as may be expedient; and associates thereof, both foreign and domestic, devoid of ignorance of the law and with malice a forethought: must here and now be considered and determined to be hostile to the peace, order, liberty, life and pursuit of happiness of/by any and all Sovereigns and/or Citizens of these United States, our Constitutional Republic and our Sacred Constitution: and be dealt with accordingly.

    Each and every Sovereign State and Territory of these United States must here and now make any and all Dominion/Smartmatic, et alii, personnel, equipment and operational program's counts whatsoever null and void and:
    (1) Secure any and all ballots voted in-person for multi-party hand counting, overseen and secured by present and unrestricted United States Marshals; and/or
    (2) Declare the entire said United States General Election, 03 November 2020, last, null and void in its entirety; establish a second IN-PERSON-ONLY General Election date, wherein each and every ballot thereof shall be hand counted; the polls and counting centers again being overseen and secured by present and unrestricted United States Marshals.
    -----[a] Any and all duly registered and incapacitated citizens can be voted by multi-party teams via volunteers and/or paid poll workers.
    -----[b] Said election personnel shall seal, signature and therefore verify, said ballots and deliver them for hand-counting.

    Colonel Robert F. Cunningham,

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