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    BREAKING: Patriots Surround Michigan Court House To Prevent Dominion Machine Wipe...Trump Forensic Team Airborne To Examine...MI Counties Were Forced To Buy Dominion Machines, Paid For By Zuckerberg Entity

    December 5, 2020
    Did Donald Trump Catch Dominion And Smartmatic US Election Racketeering?
    Dominion ImageCast precinct count optical ballot scanner
    Image by Douglas W. Jones

    The story is developing...

    American patriots are surrounding the county courthouse in Antrim County, Michigan, preventing county election officials from entering to wipe Dominion voting machines.

    The county is where the famous 'glitch' which switched 6,000 from Trump to Biden, which was later reversed.

    A Michigan judge has granted a request for a forensic scan of 22 machines due to voting fraud allegations.

    CDMedia is told a Trump cyber forensics team is wheels-up in a jet enroute to examine the devices.

    Michigan counties were forced to buy these high-cost machines (approximately $7,500 each) and sign grant agreements restricting county election officials from examining the equipment. A Zuckerberg-funded entity provided the equipment for free once local officials agreed to not ask any questions. We understand the contracts for these backroom deals will be released shortly.

    CDMedia will be releasing more as we get it...

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    Steve Gruber

    Steve Gruber is a Michigan based conservative radio talk show host who is syndicated on 25 affiliates throughout the state. Since he started the show in 2012 he has been named the "Best Morning Personality" by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters five times.
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    THIS is how Patriots take their freedom back!


    What is impressive is the depth of organization of the left to perpetrate this Fraud. Along with left leaning Judges blocking, delaying, or throwing out the evidence, all to the delight of a Goebellesque MSM who immediately feeds their bundle of lies to a over enthused voting base that believe that Biden/ Harris will be POTUS / VPOTUS . Their plan was obviously hatched 2-3 years ago and the plan was implemented over many months to ensure continuity with all the players from the ballot counters, to the bogus soft ware on the Dominion machines to the late night clandestine counting of bogus Biden Ballots, to the RINO mayors and Governors using lies and stall tactics to slow the process to not only rob the election win from Trump but to run down the clock, so he wont have the time to prove the Mass Malfeasance, and Fraud perpetrated in no less than six Battle Ground States.

    What is even more frightening is that the rest of America the DemonRATic voting base like sheep to the slaughter blindly, and with passion voted for a man obviously on the mental decline, and a Uber Liberal VP who will, if Biden become POTUS will eventually ( I would say before 2021 is done be installed as POTUS), which will be the Coup De Grass for the the SM Giants, Corporate entities ,and people like George Soros, who spent millions on this Coup De Etat to destroy Trumps Admin and to guarantee his loss in his bid for a 2nd term. Their voting base with their Abject Hatred of Trump Fired by a Relentless MSM have no Idea what they have done in voting for Biden, they have no idea that this Republic which has given them Freedom of Speech, A Government that is supposed to be For, By ,and Of the people, a Constitution that gave them the right to vote even if misguided on a national scale, have, If Biden is anointed POTUS, will have become the Domestic enemy that same Constitution that gave them that freedom to Vote for Biden warned us of........................Just Sayin.

    CC Coleman

    If the county Sheriff wasn't a bytch he'd be there helping the citizens follow the Judge's order.


    Well this is tasty. If these machines were supplied by a Zuckberg entity then there are ties to the domestic robot himself. If said machines are found to be compromised, fraudulent, then Smuckerberg is ripe for election tampering charges.

    Remo Williams

    I hope they're armed


    How do officials agree not to examine machines when state certification is required? How much did Zucky pay these fools to look the other way?

    Raymond Ridgway



    Make the charge TREASON and I'll buy the rope.... and it's Green too!

    John WM Larsen

    Are there any honest politicians left in this country? President Trump has had to fight the deep state for the most part by himself. And with all things aligned against him he still accomplished more good for the American people than any President in recent history.

    Keith Turner

    Way to go Michigan!
    This is what needs to happen, trying to destroy evidence sure tells us all...you did cheat.
    All bets or off now


    Where is the slot where you put the quarters into these machines?


    Lock Zuck up!!!

    R.D. Chism

    To Xabre: Exactly. Yesterday, I was sitting around contemplating the connivance of the left. And the word "brilliant" came to my mind. It is NOT a word that I would ordinarily use for people who have exhibited that they have no integrity; no dignity--people who can go home, in the evening, pick their little daughter up, twirl her around, make her laugh, smile at her and give her a big hug and kiss. What kind of DEMON can do that AND actively engage in corrupt practices designed to destroy the country? A heartless, soul-less, but BRILLIANT demon!!

    They'll send Giuliano's stuff to a lower court (time eaten up). Another state will send it from a lower court to a higher court (time eaten up). Or they'll simply IGNORE what's right in front of their faces (time eaten up). We now have video-camera, IN-YOUR-FACE, real-time evidence. And what's happening? NOTHING. (time eaten up).

    I had not been in favor of the "nuclear options" of invoking the Insurrection Act, Martial Law, the 2018 EO, or anything like that. But, the Demon-crats have BRILLIANTLY out-maneuvered Trump. So, what else is left to do? What SENSE does it make to continue dealing with corrupt judges and their courts; corrupt Secretaries of State; corrupt Governors; CORRUPT REPUBLICANS WHO HATE TRUMP WITH A DEEP PASSION, and who WANT Biden to win so that the former duopoly BUSINESS-AS-USUAL, money-making criminals can act, again, as dictators; corrupt ORDINARY CITIZENS, who have NO PROBLEM counting illegitimate ballots in the middle of the night, WITH THEIR CHILDREN, NONETHELESS!!!!??? What sense does it make?

    I don't know how Martial Law, the Insurrection Act, and the 2018 EO works. But, I mean, what ELSE is left? Continuing to be a SUCKER while the soul-less left LAUGHS? If Trump doesn't act, AND SOON, some of the Deplorables are going to begin to think that he's been paid off, or offered some kind of deal. I wouldn't think that he needs money.

    I don't want to hear about "5th-degree chess," or "Q," or "The Plan" or how Trump foresaw all of this, and planned for it, when he was TWO YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough, already!!! No more hero worship, PLEASE!!

    I'm 70 damned years old. In my entire life, this is the ONLY uncorrupt President I have had the privilege to vote for. I have voted only three times IN MY LIFE, and that's because I never would waste my time, due to the corruption in government. I didn't vote for Trump in 2016, because I assumed that he was just another lying politician.

    But, after he won, I WATCHED him, and carefully. To my shock, he turned out to be the real deal. So, I voted for him this time. He's gotta DO something.

    Sandy Berger was the National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter. And he'd appear on the Sunday morning news shows, being interviewed. And whenever the journalist would ask him a question about something troubling that had been decided by Carter, or that was being proposed, he would reply, "This ain't no PLAY pen out here," meaning that this earth is filled to the brim with corrupt EVERYTHING. And the response to any given evil can't be a soft one.

    How much more evidence does Trump NEED to see that the ENTIRE APPARATUS--and I have NO comprehension of how this has come to be--is corrupt. So, he's appealing, through his Trump team of lawyers, to....WHO???????

    As my childhood friend, Ralph, would say: "It's time to go BAT-SHIT CRAZY!!!" And then the punches would FLY. I wish I had more than just an opinion to give.


    Stand you ground patriots, we can't let these slimy DemocRAT crooks get away with this.


    R D Chism. You and I and people who frequent these types of news sites understand this is war, as in someone has NOT declared, but is nevertheless prosecuting a war against the American people. But most good, honest, hard-working Americans aren't there yet. They'll be there soon. THEN it' s time to go nuclear. If he strikes too soon most of his own people won' t understand. But the dam is breaking and they will soon get it.

    henry knox

    Replying to Remo, yes, I hope they're armed too. Check out the story (it's on YouTube)of the men who did something very similar in 1946 in Athens, Tennessee. This really happened and today there is a historical marker in front of the courthouse there commemorating the patriot stand. Local officials had gone too far in suppressing an election vote and refused to let the ballots be inspected. Many young men who'd just returned from WW2 combat experience seized the local armory and took guns. One had done demolition work in the War and blew off the entrance to the courthouse building where the ballot boxes were being held. After a tense standoff the ballots were were surrendered. No one was killed though some patriots wounded in an exchange of gunfire. They were never charged. You could stand for liberty then in 1946 and the country would be behind you. Today our task now includes re-educating those coming up about how America was really founded and why. So we have to take back both our government AND our education system. In the meantime, HOMESCHOOL!

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