Did Donald Trump Catch Dominion And Smartmatic US Election Racketeering?
Dominion ImageCast precinct count optical ballot scanner
Image by Douglas W. Jones

The story is developing...

American patriots are surrounding the county courthouse in Antrim County, Michigan, preventing county election officials from entering to wipe Dominion voting machines.

The county is where the famous 'glitch' which switched 6,000 from Trump to Biden, which was later reversed.

A Michigan judge has granted a request for a forensic scan of 22 machines due to voting fraud allegations.

CDMedia is told a Trump cyber forensics team is wheels-up in a jet enroute to examine the devices.

Michigan counties were forced to buy these high-cost machines (approximately $7,500 each) and sign grant agreements restricting county election officials from examining the equipment. A Zuckerberg-funded entity provided the equipment for free once local officials agreed to not ask any questions. We understand the contracts for these backroom deals will be released shortly.

CDMedia will be releasing more as we get it...

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