• Oregon State Police Use Violence Against Citizens Demanding To Listen To Special Legislative Session

    December 22, 2020
    Oregon State Police Use Violence Against Citizens Demanding To Listen To Special Legislative Session

    This story is developing...

    UPDATE 1900 EST - Some of the protesters were armed...


    Oregon State Police used teargas, pepper balls, rubber bullets and mace against Oregon citizens who stormed the state capital demanding to listen to a special session of the Oregon state legislature.

    Dozens of citizens wanted redress of grievances due to the horrendous COVID-19 lockdowns in the state which are destroying small business and causing great harm to the state population's well being, reported War Room Pandemic on its afternoon show.

    The citizens were not armed but did enter the premises and were attacked immediately by law enforcement.


    CDMedia will report more as we gather information.

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    Masam DeFarge

    Pigs being pigs.


    Should've taken lasers and "water" bottles


    Police protect the bad guys and bust patriots. But then want our support when the bad guys want to defund them.


    D3f1ant you are exactly right. we now know the rules of engagement and can respond accordingly

    Nathan Bedford Forest

    Silly rabbits. Oregon went communist many years ago. All those participants seen entering Capitol have already been identified. FBI team even now being prepared to come and round them up. Examples have ti be made. Kate Brown wants your heads and she will get them. What happened to LaVoy Finnicum will soon be happening to you. Patriots have been betrayed. Once Biden takes over tens of millions of you will be targeted with firings, beatings, assassination, and long term imprisonment in camps now being specially prepared for you. Those police abd military you are counting on to do the right thing and come to your aid will betray you and become your jailers and executioners.


    LEOs need to really think this thru. You took an oath to the Constitution, not some Mayor or Governor. The Left is very vocal and public about their hatred for you. Those on the Right have always had your backs, but that can change in a heartbeat. You need to figure out who will you turn to if you piss us off? Instead of arresting us, who support you, you should be arresting the Pols who are doing this.

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